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  1. Time to shut this down i feel, thanks for the input everyone, most of your views were welcome (always a few exceptions) and like most i will await a law regarding clamping and hope it gets regulated better so we are not all seen as bad eggs. Thank you for your time.
  2. Having your leg in plaster doesnt qualify for a blue badge. The signs state...blue badge holders only, so your just trying to find a way around a perfectly legal sign displaying all the relevent information, and you say clampers are out to get money any way they can? think this makes you as bad somehow.
  3. sorry what part dont you understand? a mother and child bay is for a mother and child is it not....so if i parked there with my mother its okay is it? is that clearer?
  4. One wheel outside the bay, ask any traffic warden, you have to be parked WITHIN the lines not outside and it's a ticketable offence. To know if your 10 minutes outside a 2 hour free stay i have to know what time you came in, i'm not sitting there waiting for you, as for mother and child, again severely open to abuse as i could park in there with my mother and i'm 42 and still her child so to speak, again open to abuse, but who says what age a child is?? and who's parking in a no parking area?
  5. Right, so weve descided it's a code of practice and not law. As that is all we have to go on then it's about time someone came up with something that IS law. Like i stated at the beginning, i'm awaiting my licence and i'm not going to work without it like some cowboys. Argueing the toss........ i'd prefer it as putting over my views on the subject and gaining insite as to what everyone else thinks, i'm not argueing as that is pointless and futile. Oh, if this subject bores you so much go and read something else and let me have someone elses insight and input. As previously said, i dont
  6. The legal issues of parking on private land....everything i have been quoting has come from the BPA code of practice for parking enforcement on private land and unregulated public car parks, part 1;vehicle immobilisation and removal. So maybe i should go tell them that they dont know what they are on about?
  7. i'm all for regulating the trade. Yes, some firms DO charge ridiculous ammounts to to release or tow, but this is some, not all. Like i said before, the vast ammount of firm use the local councils own figures as guidelines, this is not extortionate. Whilst it is fair to say that the majority of people dislike clampers immensely, it unfortunately is here, whether you dislike it or not, if sufficient notices are up and all the relevent guide lines are adhered to....we can only go by what has been set, then it is down to the individual if he /she descides to try and flaunt these regs. If they d
  8. i'm still waiting for a solution, or cant you give one??? obviously none of you park illegaly on private ground...you are to be congratulated!! And whats with the attitude of " i'll park as awkwardly as i can next to you and your disabled partner"?????? I would just like to shop with my partner and be able to get in or out of my vehicle by using the space provided. whats the problem with that?? Do i have to put bloody spikes all over my car to enable me to do this?? I'm asking for consideration, obviously not something you lot worry about. so again....has anyone a better solution?
  9. We all have our opions, this is mine, fine if you dont agree with it. my point for the thread is that sometimes there is a need for a service which causes offence and people money, and whilst many may not agree with it the fact remains that some people ASK for this service. If any of you smart people can come up with another way of enforcement that is not a disgusting job as was put earlier then fine, put it on the table, but i doubt you can or will, and more than likely that will get blown out the water and reduced to a disgusting job as well. Thanks for all the comments, glad for the in
  10. what about the costs and inconvenience caused to the small companies/ pubs etc that have people parking on their private land and going elsewhere? where do the real patrons park then? if your car breaks down and you have no breakdown cover if you called a recovery firm it costs you loads, do you argue about the price as not being a true cost??? what is the true cost? ....ist a business like any other with overheads, vehicle expenses, operator fees, licence costs etc....£110 for a drain man to unblock my toilet last week for 10 minutes work, is that a true cost??? no probably not but the work
  11. I didnt say they are setting fees for private clampers, council sets fees for their own car parks, the private firms, so as to no appear robbing, use their prices as a guide. They dont have to but a significant extra cost could be seen as extortion and could be challenged.
  12. If i was to clamp willy nilly and receive a lot of complaints, the sia could remove my badge. So saying it is not regulated is a false impression youve got from somewhere. All clamped vehicles have photographic proof backing the decision, before after and showing the signage. Receipts are given stating time, place, CLAMPERS BADGE NUMBER, and on the receipt are contact details of the firm should you wish to appeal. These are guidelines set by the sia and bpa. As for what has the council got to do with private parking, the fees they charge for tickets and clamping are what private firms should m
  13. I'm not going to discuss any fees on here or anywhere else. I do not own the firm, i work for someone. I'm not charging, the firm is, nor am i collecting money. I do not set rates the local council give guidelines as to what they think is reasonable and the firms rates are not exceeding this. You probably dont look for bad parking but if you did you would notice it is rife wherever you go. Council parking wardens can ticket you for a wheel on a line or out the box, i dont make the rules, i'm just here to enforce. If at the end of the day my boss thinks i'm harsh then he can override, but
  14. I stated that blue badge abuse was 1 of the reasons, my main gripe being unable to get in or out of bays due to people parking so close and occupying 2 bays because they cannot be bothered to take the time and park straight in 1. It doesn't take long to straighten a motor, if i can do it, whats the problem??/ laziness or inconsideration for others i think. I dont get road rage but this gives me parking rage.
  15. If the clamping firm is decent, it also has all the above, and they are regulated, even though fees can be a sore point but as long as they are within council guidelines and not above.
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