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  1. Hi there, Ok.... Le's recap for a second.... I went on Sunday afternoon to look and maybe buy a car spending the time....up until closing time. I thought I have found the right car although they have told me the miles on this car were 20000 less then actually was..... They have tried to ask the finance Company to get me financed of course but nothing happened.... Called up on Monday morning as I went home and have had a second thought and changed my mind. There was no way the dealer could have lost anything in such a short time... Why would anyone would keep a £300??? Perhaps I would understand a £50.00.... dd
  2. No I did not leave the car with them....they were after the £300 and in the next few days to bring my old car + the rest of the money....in amount of around £2200...
  3. Hi Chuffnut, I was really after the letter from them that all the sensitive data they have on me (photocopy of my driving license, address, etc) was destroyed. I would like to have it in writing in case of, at a later date there are different companies contacting me out of the blue...It can then be traced back through them lot (dealer and Financial company) and see what they have done with my details.... Also, on the page signed by me on the bottom it does say: A £300 deposit is non-refundable. This means that either paid cash or card is the same thing...customer will not see any of the deposit back.... What about my old car as part-exchange??? ...as it was part of the deal as well.....
  4. Hi DX, Well said. What should I do now as I have called them up and said that I will be writing a letter, recorded delivery and they will have to answer. They did say that they are covered as they have solicitors and they have been in the trade for 10 years.... Tough luck I've said. All I wanted is the deposit back and all my details shredded at once. The letter I would like to send is headed: Letter Demand of Erasure completely and shredding all of my personal data, including the return of the deposit .... This letter is a request under the GDPR with regards to the erasing all my data you and any third parties involved that you /they have. Of course posting recording delivery.... What do you think??? I could send you the letter drafted already if you would like into your inbox....or here.... Thank you , dd
  5. Hi Dx, Shall I write them a letter?? If so can I ask you for a sample?? it has been long I have not been around and have forgotten a lot of things.... Thank you, DD
  6. No it does not say that has been signed on the premises.........but on the bottom of the paper signed it says a £300 deposit is non-refundable .....I have drafted a letter to say that I would like all my details removed including the photos of my driving license taken in order to send it over to the Finance company.....
  7. Hi there again, I forgot to add the paper I was given to sign it on Sunday.... On top it does say: their name and address, phone number , and website....then Sold to: ....my name and my address.....my phone number...then under it says I/we the undersigned agree to purchase from the above named seller. Then under is the make of the car I would like to buy with plate number, colour type, model and date First Reg, in UK..... then under I declare that I am the buyer of the car described above at the price stated below. then Date, my signature and my name... Then under seller name and date with Deposit paid + price of my old car + amount of how much I need to pay and to be financed £4500 ...
  8. Hi there everyone, I am concerned about the fact that last Sunday I have decided to look around for a better car as my old one could be retired very soon, although I have taken care of it very well....I went around to a few car dealers and have found a car that could have a few more years to carry my weight and my things around the town. After I have spoken to the Owner I believe, have taken a seat into his office and asked questions about the car. One question was - how many miles the car has and he replied 68.000....later on after I said that I wanted to have a look at it as it was parked behind 2 other cars he said that sorry it has 88.000 miles. When I got into the car it had 88.600 miles. I did not like that as he could simply say that he does not know....all good so far.... After other questions we have been numerous time interrupted by various calls and other customers around and could not manage to concentrate very well. I am given a deposit of £300 to keep it and to make sure that he is doing all the necessary adjustments/ improvements (new tyres, etc.) in order to pick it up in 2 days after he called a finance Company giving away all my details in order to give me a loan. The car was in amount of £7000, thinking that I needed another £4500 from the Company he knew. I woke up Monday morning ( not much of a sleep as I have thought about the financing the car- which I do not like things like that) and rang them at 9.00am to ask to cancel everything. I have also called the Finance Company as well and they have told me that nothing was done as they could not find anything yet. They told me that it was the dealer to go to as they need to send them a contract before they could start anything. Of course the dealer was not there but it was somebody else who works there and it was with him on Sunday - that was the mechanic that is checking the cars before they will do a part exchange. I have asked him to let me know when upon his returning so I could call him back. He said that he is in Auction and he will be coming at 5.00 pm. I did call him at 5.00 on mobile and of course no answer and called the office and he was there. I have told him that I have texted the mobile given on Sunday about the cancelation of everything and he said that he can do it but the deposit will not be returned. I have asked why and he said that and I quote : "that is how is here". He only said on Sunday that if the Financial Comp. is not approving my loan then I will be able to have my deposit back. Nothing else was said about Deposit. Questions: 1. How can I have my deposit back??? 2. Can I submit a small claim to the local Court?? Any reply will be much appreciated. Thank you, dd
  9. Hi there, I have not been here for a while but would much appreciate if anyone has an answer to my question? One of my colleague is renting a flat from a private landlord through landlord's own estate agency. The landlord requested a copy of his flat key... Question: Is it normal that landlord would ask a copy of the key?? My colleague would not be in favour of given any copy of any key as he is worried about it. My colleague asked his landlord before moving in the flat, that he does not want anyone to walk into the flat without anyone being at home.... He lived in the flat for a few years... Many thanks, dd
  10. Hi Bankfodder, Thank you very much for your reply. I have already taken the car back and left his car there... Amazingly did work as he knew me from previous years. Anyway I was just wondering if the £25.00 would have been part of the return....but not that I am bothered too much about it. Many hanks for the time taken. Ohh...... by the way I forgotten how to send a little xmas present in keeping this amazing site alive... dd
  11. Hi there people, I have bought on a part exchange a second hand car... All good to go...only that while driving home car stopped 2 times. I have stopped at the first petrol station and filled up a £25.00 as these guys would only leave you on red just enough to make it to the first station available. Anyway, to cut the story short I have called the guy ( trade ) saying that as the car has problems I will return it and would want my car back.... Finally done and dusted but when asked about the petrol money he said that he would not give me any money.... why??? The care supposed to be in good order as that is why I did go ahead in buying it. That should be something to be done in returning my money back. I know it is only £25,00 but it is a lot for me and they are mine.... Anything I could do in reclaiming them??? Thanks, dd
  12. Hi Emmzi, Thank you so much for your reply. My friend is extremely disappointed as the Manager looked from the beginning to create problems. Although my friend has done everything and helped the Manager when started as he did so many mistakes, it looks that Manager could be helped by someone else in order to kick the staff out. There is another colleague in the same situation and although they have experience the Manager looks like he wants to bring his family or friends in. Is this method allowed??? It looks as a push or kick out of good people within the Company without the Top Managers knowing. We know that some Managers are interested only in money being ignorant to anyone else... Anyway I should try to help him in looking into his contract and the Employment law.... Many thanks and keep posting. dd
  13. Hi there everyone, I have my friend that worked for the last 15 years within the same company. He transferred himself from one site to another as he moved home but under the same Optician company. Anyway 2 months ago there was a new Manager taking over and the problems started. 1. He asked the new Manager to leave 1 hour early from work 2 days ago as he had a problem at home to sort out but he did ask the Manager 5 days before. The Manager did leave a note to close the shop at 16.30 but he did request that he needed to be out of the shop before 16.00. To mention that the shop closes at 17.30 every day. Anyway as he did not see him at all anymore since the day he asked and being left alone in the shop (Optician - high street) for many days which I believe it is against the law, he is now faced with a big disappointment almost every day - and it does sound to me that it is Constructive dismissal case as he received a letter from new Manager saying that as he left the shop at 15.45 the day he asked for he has to sign a letter written without any legal merit that he has failed to tell the Manager - which is totally a lie. 2. He asked and booked before (7 months in advance precisely) the new Manager arrived for holiday but the Manager says that he does not agree with it. 3. The Manager said that any employer is not allowed to toilet break....what kind of sick person is that to say that??? 4. Also the Manager said that my friend has to stay every day after 17.30 when the shop is closed but as he has family he has to be at home as soon as he finishes. Also there is no extra pay for any extra hours as well 5. The Manager does not like my friend at all as everything he has to say he is cut from any reply or opinion by the Manager. 6. Manager said that he is cutting from salary for any 15 minutes being late at work. What do you think about all this??? Does he have a Case here??? And if so what and how shall he start? He did say that he wants to give his Notice but I did mention that once he does it he can not do anything else after. Is it ok to give his Notice following the Constructive dismissal that Manager is bumping into him or he can do anything once he is still there. Maybe an employment tribunal??? Thank you, dd
  14. Hi Footballplayer, Just to clear any misunderstandings, I didn't want to come aloud and breaking any rules as this forum is one of the best there is... Now turning the situation around where possible and balancing things around I thought it would be best to give a second chance as we were for so many years with them. We know that there is money involved here and not much else - so in order to get things settled we agreed to get what we lost. .. Free minutes and data which seems ok, although we could have moved very easy the network provider in days for good. We are talking about £50 worth of minutes and 1gb data extra to what we have. We were looking for minutes here more than anything else but in the hope that we did not settle things for very low we were ok. Tried to ask around but nobody knew of how much shall we ask? If anyone has a better solution to the whole thing please let us know asap. dd
  15. Hi dx, I am trying to take up the offer as Lee called me.. .. Now the offer is.....shall I pm you??? or shall I JUST SAY IT???? Right....summarizing - 9 days of not being able to use the phone as no reception ( tried to change 3 sim cards but no chance of any reception leaving me exactly when needed in borrowing phones....) Let me know if I should accept any offer from Vodafone and how much should it be??? I have already a fantastic offer along with all my family and friends... ..35 of them... .big family and friends. All of them are on Vodafone and I could take them instantly out and change things as I want.. ...as other network fantastic opportunity. ...Hope Lee read things as I am writing. dd
  16. Hi Lee, Just an update.....what you have mentioned over the phone I should be ok with that...although I could not talk too much due to the work as well as the poor reception in the area. Anyhow, I will accept the offer so let me know when will it take place. dd
  17. Hi there footballplayer, To tell you the truth...I had a very good experience for so many years (minus a few little things - which I am not even worried). So, by google EE problems I can see so many problems .... Hope that Vodafone will not get there as there is no return for myself and anyone else, although pending their answer will switch to something even better for good. Believe it or not I have found a better way of calling for much cheaper than any other network provider ever.... When the time is right will update things. dd
  18. Hi Lee, Many thanks...sorry I am abroad and will be back by then... I shall talk to you on the 25th then and hopefully ....will be able to change my mind before the 1st of March... dd
  19. Hi Lee, Any updates with my case here??? Received nothing yet.... Thanks
  20. Hi King12345, Sorry I have missed your reply somehow. Yes....you are right. I believe that it is time to get back what we lost but if not...turn around, find something else better and let them dry up. Years by and they will be begging people to come back....Too little too late.
  21. Hi Lee, If you can pm here on this site it would be great as the email given is not the one I can use but it is from one of my colleague I used to work with. Many thanks, dd
  22. Hi Lee, Many thanks and I am looking forward to an amicable and friendly response in this matter. dd
  23. Hi Lee, As requested I have sent you a message and I do hope that you will be looking into it. Many thanks and I shall wait for your reply. dd
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