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  1. They fitted a composite door along with the windows . There appears to be no problem with this , so shall I reject the windows but keep the door .
  2. They have been installed 2 weeks , fitters came back today
  3. Old and new double glazed and both pvc . Thanks
  4. No evidence they are more noisy except that we can't sleep because we can hear the traffic and we are having to turn up the TVs in the living room to drown out the noise , which we didn't have to do before . The old windows were upvc too , obviously of a lot better quality
  5. Safestyle have fitted my 3 windows . The salesman said our windows were old and that there New argon filled units would cut out the traffic noise . They have been fitted and they are more noisy than the ones they took out . The windows look nice but the reason we bought them was to cut out the traffic noise . They have been back out to take one unit out and check that enough filling had been put in . They have put it back in but it is still noisy . They say they don't know why they are noisy . We are worse off with the noise than we were with the old ones in . Any advice on what I can do . Thank you
  6. The alleged time which we were parked in the motorway services was 9.38 pm to 0.55 am on a Friday .
  7. So if I write to them they will probably try to get me to prove that I was not there . What will happen then ?
  8. Thank you very much for your help . I will compile a letter and send it recorded delivery , tomorrow
  9. Thank you silver fox . Should I state in the letter that they have breached the data protection act .
  10. Thanks . Read this . The photographs on the letter they have sent showing a car , could be any car , the number plates are shown in a small separate box underneath the photographs . Can't see the number plates very well . Rang West Yorkshire police . They said cp plus are a legitimate company so ring them .
  11. Received a charge notice letter from cp plus saying that we were parked illegally in roadchef motorway services in Birmingham for 3 hours overnight . We have never been to Birmingham . The 2 photographs are grainy and the number plates are in a separate small box underneath . These are not clear either . It says that they have checked with DVLA . A payment of £100 is required within 28 days . Is this a [problem] . How can they say we were parked somewhere where we have never been . Any advice . Thank you
  12. Thank you for your help , I will try this. Thank you
  13. Hi , does anyone have any advice on my problem with Thomson . Thank you
  14. I sent a letter to thomson to claim eu flight delay in march 2013, the flight was in april 2007 , so was inside the 6 year time limit . They sent me a letter saying that because it was outside their 2 year limit , I couldnt claim. They told me that if the supreme court said that they had to pay out up to 6 years, I had to contact them. I have contacted them by recorded letter and they have now replied that as it is now outside the 6 year limit timeframe they will not compensate us. I started the claim within the 6 year timeframe and if they had not contested the 6 year time limit , they would have had to compensate us. Is there an ombudsman who I can contact, as Thomson just keep on going around and around. Thank you
  15. no. dont have a demands and needs sheet and nothing which states that it was compulsory to take the PPI , I suppose it is their word against mine and maybe I should not bother pursuing this as it is becoming quite stressful. Thanks for your help and advice.
  16. Hello. on the questionaire, I put both those reasons. I was told that the mortgage application would not go ahead unless I signed up for their ppi . They were supposed to call me today to see if I had found any documents regarding my old emploment , over 20 years ago, but they didnt call. Thank you
  17. the salesperson said they would not give me the mortgage if i didnt sign up for the PPI . I said that I didnt require it as I had sickness, accident , redundancy package through my employment. They said they would not go ahead with the motgage application if I did not sign up for the PPI
  18. hi. i had accident, sickness and redundancy cover through my employer, but i dont have any documents from my employment at that time and the companies are no longer there.
  19. Thanks , I sent the FOS questionairre . I had the PPI contract, which I sent a copy to them. They are asking for documents which show that I had accident, sickness and redundancy through my employer, which I dont have.
  20. Hello. Bradford & Bingley telephoned me today regarding my PPI claim. They asked me if I had any documentation of my employers accident , sickness & redundancy package from when I was told to take the PPI alongside my mortgage. I took this out over 20 years ago and have no documents regarding the employers policy and they are no longer in business. I have had 2 more employers since I took out the mortgage and PPI. He is ringing me back tomorrow to see if I have found any documentation to send to him. Are they allowed to telephone me out of the blue, if I telephone them , they say it has to be put in writing. I have no documents of my accident, sickness and redundancy packages from my previous employers, wont my claim progress without these, because I havent any of the documents. Thank you
  21. Thank you all for your replies and help. I should have received two statements, one for the works group pension and a separate one for the National Insurance Contributions Fund. When the two are combined, my pension fund is what it should be. Thanks for your help last night , when I didnt know who to contact or what had happened to my pension fund.
  22. iI will find out tomorrow. I have looked at the statement and the unit prices have increased, but the number of units, which I had last year has fallen by a third ? I didnt think that the amount of any units held would ever fall ?
  23. It is a small family firm , it is Group IPP . There is someone who comes into the company once a year.
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