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  1. They fitted a composite door along with the windows . There appears to be no problem with this , so shall I reject the windows but keep the door .
  2. They have been installed 2 weeks , fitters came back today
  3. Old and new double glazed and both pvc . Thanks
  4. No evidence they are more noisy except that we can't sleep because we can hear the traffic and we are having to turn up the TVs in the living room to drown out the noise , which we didn't have to do before . The old windows were upvc too , obviously of a lot better quality
  5. Safestyle have fitted my 3 windows . The salesman said our windows were old and that there New argon filled units would cut out the traffic noise . They have been fitted and they are more noisy than the ones they took out . The windows look nice but the reason we bought them was to cut out the traffic noise . They have been back out to take one unit out and check that enough filling had been put in . They have put it back in but it is still noisy . They say they don't know why they are noisy . We are worse off with the noise than we were with the old ones in . Any advice on what I can do . Thank you
  6. The alleged time which we were parked in the motorway services was 9.38 pm to 0.55 am on a Friday .
  7. So if I write to them they will probably try to get me to prove that I was not there . What will happen then ?
  8. Thank you very much for your help . I will compile a letter and send it recorded delivery , tomorrow
  9. Thank you silver fox . Should I state in the letter that they have breached the data protection act .
  10. Thanks . Read this . The photographs on the letter they have sent showing a car , could be any car , the number plates are shown in a small separate box underneath the photographs . Can't see the number plates very well . Rang West Yorkshire police . They said cp plus are a legitimate company so ring them .
  11. Received a charge notice letter from cp plus saying that we were parked illegally in roadchef motorway services in Birmingham for 3 hours overnight . We have never been to Birmingham . The 2 photographs are grainy and the number plates are in a separate small box underneath . These are not clear either . It says that they have checked with DVLA . A payment of £100 is required within 28 days . Is this a [problem] . How can they say we were parked somewhere where we have never been . Any advice . Thank you
  12. Thank you for your help , I will try this. Thank you
  13. Hi , does anyone have any advice on my problem with Thomson . Thank you
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