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  1. We have still not heard of the outcome of the stage 3 meeting they held last Monday.....Surely there should be some sort of time frame where they have to let us know what their decision is.....
  2. Hi everyone, I havent posted on this thread for quite some time as you can see! The current situation is my partner is still off work sick! He has been off since beginning of May 2012 - yes that 15mths ago. He's spent a total of 10 wks in hosp during that time and from the most recent inpatient time has was only sent home yesterday. GP has been providing sick certs every 8wks which we have been sending to his employer. A stage 3 sickness was held in his absence yesterday. They told us the date a couple of weeks ago - they were aware when it was booked that he would be in hospital on that day. I emailed them yesterday stating "We are aware that it is XXXXXX meeting today, being held in his absence. Just to confirm that his surgery went ahead as planned and he is still in hospital - XXXXXXXXX - today. Kind regards" They replied and said " Thank you for your update on XXXXXXX. We will be holding his meeting today and we will be considering all information that we have received from yourself as well as AXA ICAS. We will write to XXXXX (email to yourself) with the outcome of the meeting as soon as possible following the meeting this morning. Kind regards" We hadnt heard anything today and in a previous email they had said a likely outcome would be dismissal and they would pay him the 15mths outstanding holiday pay and one months salary if that was the case. I sent an email a very short while ago thanking them for their email yesterday and saying that we hadnt heard anything yet regarding the outcome of the meeting. I received an email from his manager, the emails are normally from a girl in HR and she has said " A letter needs to be sent/emailed advising of the outcome of the meeting. XXXXXX(HR) needs to draw this up and I will need to review it. XXXXXX(HR) is travelling this week due to the pay and reward consultations. I'm sure she will draw up the letter as soon as she is able. As soon as the letter is ready this will be emailed to you for you to advise XXXXX" Is there a certain amount of time that they have to let us know by? It would actually be easier in some ways for them to let him go as ESA etc seem to find it very difficult to understand that he is employed but on zero pay. He has had a medical for esa about 8wks ago but heard nothing. The build up of money would be handy to have as well with school uniforms etc to buy.....
  3. Thank you everyone for your advice. I will get the email sent later on today. Am in the process of completing forms for benefits - what a minefield they are! Lillebelle - Yes under an awful lot of stress but you stick together through the good times and bad times in my eyes. Its frustrating having him so unwell but he cant help it and when I get low I just have to try and think it wont be like this forever...xx
  4. Thanks I shall draft an email to them now. Does this sound ok..... Dear xxxxx, Since xxxx started to only receive SSP each month he has not received his holiday allowance pay. Ive been advised that as annual leave continues to accrue whilst on sick leave that this should have been paid as normal. Please can you ensure that xxxxx is paid for this at your earliest opportunity"
  5. Hi, Firstly thank you to everyone that has previously given me advice on my OHs problems with his employers etc. Update He is still currently off work sick. Just come out of hospital after been in there for 4 weeks. No idea when he will be able to return to work at this stage. SSP ends end of this month. Have received SSP1 from them. After going through each payslip since SSP started found discrepancies adding up to approx £100 which they have now paid and they apologised for - they had miscalculated working days in each month..... They still want a meeting with him, and even wanted to hold it at the hospital....I informed his professor and they issued a letter to his employer basicially saying no chance. I now have another query after talking to his social worker.....she said annual leave still accrues when off sick. He works term time only plus 3 extra weeks. He cant therefore take annual leave during the time he should be at work. Instead each month he receives holiday allowance pay. This has not been paid since he was on SSP. Social worker has said I should look into this as she think it should have been paid though obviously not her knowledge. Ive tried googling an answer and can find nothing. Does anyone know if he should have still been receiving this pay? Im sure a lovely person on here will know the answer xx
  6. Thank you, thats explained it really well to me! I have so much to deal with at the moment that sometimes I cant see the wood for the trees lol! Thanks again! x
  7. The GP is fine, and we see everything/anything that is going to be sent. My query is about the Independent Medical Assesment which doesnt have the option on the form of seeing a report first. And I cant write to them as we have no idea who/where it will be. I guess all we can do it state it on the form and again at the medical? x
  8. Thanks I have edited that I shall send them an email asking them to confirm they are paying all costs etc. One thing, on the form in the GP report section you have the option of ticking to see the report first before its sent to Axa which we have done before. But in the IMA section there is no option for this, just for the report to be sent directly to Axa. Will it be ok for me to amend this to state that we wish to see the report prior to it being sent? Many thanks again for you excellent advice! x
  9. Hi, Firstly thank you for all the excellent advice you have all given me previously Update on medical situation: OH is still signed off sick. Current sick cert expires in 5 weeks but another will be issued at the end of this time. He has seen a specialist at the epilepsy centre and they feel the best way forward is to admit him for 2-4 weeks to wean him off meds and start new ones. Video him and do new mri's etc. He is on the list to be admitted, currently they are saying it will be Nov/Dec. In the meantime they have issued a schedule for medication which changes every 2 weeks with an increase of some meds and decrease of others. They will wean him quicker once hes admitted as they can issue emergency anto seizure meds if needed Have applied for DLA, was declined and now appealing. We were warned to expect an initial no. Also awaiting to hear from IS as currently only now on SSP Employer - They have had GP report from doc and report from the companies medical insurer people Axa. We asked to see a copy first and were happy with what it said. Now the employer is asking for an Independent medical assesment. This seems crazy!!!! Not only have they had GP report, we have also given the employer copys of specialist letter to GP which confirms his medical situation and the reason he will need to be admitted. As well as the epilepsy it states that he has some current mood disturbances due to meds and number of seizures hes having. I received this email from employer today "If XXXXXX does not agree to allow the examining doctor for the IMA to release any medical information to AXA ICAS directly. Then we are not able to get an IMA report and therefore will only have the GP report to provide information. If XXXXX does not agreed to allow the examining doctor for the IMA to release any medical information to AXA ICAS directly would you be able to provide a reason for this decision as we need to find out as much information about his medical condition as possible in order for us to make fully informed decisions regarding any return to work? If XXXXX wishes to agree to allow the examining doctor for the IMA to release any medical information to AXA ICAS directly then please complete a consent form and scan it back to us, so an IMA appointment can be arranged for him." So my questions are *do we have to agree when they have so much information already * Can we ask for it to be done locally as XXXXX cant travel far even without me - one of his side effects is severe upset stomach *Do they have to pay travel costs - money is beyond tight at the moment with 2 small children, school uniform etc to pay for and only SSP *He would want me in the medical with him as he gets very confused and if he should have a seizure he needs me to be with him when he comes round as he becomes very upset. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance xx
  10. Hi there, Thank you all for your previous help!!! I have no had a reply from my partners employer......please can you take a look and let me know what (if anything) I can do now?? "Your current sick certificate is due to expire on 22nd August 2012 and states that you are currently unfit for meetings. Once you are able to meet with me, we will look at any reasonable adjustments that we can make to your job in order to support a return to work. You have verbally agreed a further referral to our Occupational Health Advisers and I would request that you agree to an Independent Medical Assessment and a GP information request. This will enable me to gain as much information and advice about your current medical condition as possible in order to ensure that I am making informed decisions with regards your sickness absence and I will be able to gain advice and guidance with regards to when we will be able to meet with you and what, if any, reasonable adjustments we should consider to support you at work. In response to your request to consider keeping you on full pay throughout your sickness absence and to not count these as sick days, I am unable to agree to this request. We do not consider this to be a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act 2010. I will contact you every 2nd week by telephone" He has forms to complete for medical etc, though he is virtually housebound at the moment as his seizures are several times a day and he is embarassed to even leave the house with me as if he has a seizure he wets himself. He saw neurologist 2 days ago and is now awaiting admission to hospital and he will be in for a good few weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi, Id put in the email about the equality act etc. After a week of hearing nothing, not even an acknowledgement we received this email from them this afternoon "Thank you for your email. I can confirm that we have received today, the second certificate with a photocopy of the first one. As we have received the original second certificate we do not need a replacement of this certificate. In regard to your other points in your email, I am awaiting advice from HR and will be in touch as soon as I am able. Regards" Am due to pick up the duplicate certs from GP tomorrow and will hand deliver the missing first one to her by hand... How long do I give them to get back to us....I did copy HR into the original email to his manager and she also cc'd in HR in her reply
  12. A massive THANK YOU for your advice. That is really helpful. Have drafted an email for him to send and get him to send it to his manager later today and make sure he copies in HR. I shall let you know what happens.....
  13. Hi, Just need some advice and I know someone on here will be able to help....... My partner has epilepsy has been completely controlled for approx 20yrs. Medication has recently stopped agreeing with him and neurologist has changed medication. This has resulted in seizures - both full seizures and absence seizures. He did self cert from work for first 5 days then GP signed him off of work for 4 weeks. Informed employer and posted in sick cert - kept copy for records. End of 4 weeks, GP issued another sick cert for 4 weeks. I spoke to his manager, his speech is very slurred and he is confused and muddled at all times, and explained. She said that 1st cert not received, I said I had a copy and should i send that with the new one. She said yes. I sent this a couple of days ago He is now on half pay which is same as SSP. Manager has been phoning every couple of days for updates. He isnt improving and being referred to UCLH Neurolgy hosp as urgent case with a view to admitting as epilepsy so unstable. Manager calls today and says no certs received. I said new one and copy only sent a couple of days ago and sent 2nd class - money is v.tight. She said that copy is now no good as shes checked with hr, and they also needed it by today for next months pay!!!! I said I can request copy from GP but earliest i can request that is next weds!! She then said she wants a meeting with my partner as hes been off 4 weeks. I explained that he cant, hes completely out of it most of the time, having absences and wouldnt be abe to speak for himself in the meeting. She then asked if her and hr can come to home address errr no. Can they suddenly hold ssp/half pay without the cert? Have called GP and no gps there now. Earliest it would be ready to collect is next thurs afternoon..... Can they request meetings when he is in this state and signed off work???? Any help would be great as with 2 small children, and a very poorly partner I cant even think straight! xxxx oh and when i get the next cert i have to take it into the employer in person and hand it to her......
  14. Hi all. Just to let you know we have won our PPI claim against a loan with Lloyds. Cheques arrived. Thanks for all your help!
  15. who should I raise a grievance against as the decision was taken by my line manager alongside HR. So I dont even see who I can go to. Or do I attempt to raise a grievance against L for not accepting my letter....... Also just had sickness meeting and if I have any further time off it will go to stage 3 and I will be dismissed. Baring in mind I have had 2 book friday as sick leave to go to hospital they already know ive got more sick leave - they have seen the admissions letter from the hospital and i have even given them copies of scan reports?! Couldnt take it as annual leave as I have to take my leave during school holidays as my employment is term time only plus a couple of extra weeks...So Im guessing when i return next week i will be dismissed anyway.....
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