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  1. What annoyed me was the fact it was set up behind my back, then told if I don't do it my benefit would be stopped. I would have done the work trial, as I have the qualifications but little experience, then the Job Centre stepped in with their 2 pence worth. Direct.gov website says it's voluntary. Anyway I start work on Tuesday:). It's on the Future Job fund, I can get the training I need and get paid at the same time, happy days.
  2. Im presently working voluntary for a company 2 days a week. They have advertised for a vacancy, through the future job fund. No one under the age of 24 was suitable for the job so it was opened up to over 25s, only if you have been unemployed for 39 weeks or more. I have been unemployed from april 2009 to now, with a break of 4 weeks when I had some temporary work. The JC wont let me apply for this job because of this, I feel a bit annoyed as this would be perfect for me to gain experience as I've been caring for my Father for the past 12 years. Has anyone got any views on this? Who
  3. It was a part time job I applied for. The work trial that was set up behind my back was for a full 2 weeks, which I wasn't very happy about. I realise I might have cut my nose off to spite my face but if the employer and the JC asked me what I wanted, This could have been sorted out without any problems at all.
  4. Signed on last Monday at 9.40 AM and was told again by 2 staff that if I turned down this work trial or finished it before the end, my JSA would be sanctioned. I told them that I thought they was wrong, but they wouldn't listen to me. So I said OK I'll do the work trial, can you give me some petrol expenses and dinner money (as stated on the direct gov website) Only after I turn up for the work trial, I was told, I said how do I get there with no petrol. It all got a bit messy and we started going round in circles, I was also given some sarcastic comments by one of the staff. I was then told
  5. I have been working for the last few weeks and declaring what I earn, as it is only 5 or 6 hours a week. I also work voluntary at the local Job Club two days a week. I live at the seaside so most of the work is seasonal, I will have enough hours to sign off in a few weeks. I had a job interview last week and this work trial was arranged behind my back, now I cannot do my paid work as I have been told to do this work trial or my JSA will be sactioned. All I wanted to know is a work trial voluntary or not? I'm not too concerned whether you can or cannot afford glasses but I am diabeti
  6. I have just seen this on the CAB website. Voluntary schemes Some government schemes are voluntary and you can ask your personal adviser for advice on joining one. In some cases, however, attendance may be compulsory if the personal adviser feels you will benefit from attendance. In these cases, you will be referred via a jobseeker’s direction. If you are given a jobseeker’s direction to attend any of the schemes below, failure to do so, or leaving before the scheme is completed, can lead to a benefit sanction I thought work trials was voluntary? and I could leave if i didn't like it
  7. Hi I had a interview for a job as Sales Aministrator on Thursday, towards the end of the interview the employer asked me about a work trial, I said you will have to ask at the Job Centre as I dont know much about it. Friday Morning she phones me and asked if I still wanted the job, I said yes, she then said good, I've arranged a work trial through the Job Centre for 2 weeks and could I start Monday, I told her It would have to be Monday Afternoon as i'm at the opticians in the morning and have to sign on. I was a bit annoyed, as this was done behind my back but if it gets me the job it's
  8. After having my 6 month interview, i was made another apointment for a months later. I then started a temporary job that only lasted 4 weeks, so cancelled the second interview. When I made my rapid reclaim, I was told to use one of the phones in the jobcentre to make another appointment, to be told that I didn't need to as it's a fresh claim. A few weeks later the local jobcentre sent my girlfriend a letter for a work related inteview. So my girlfriend phoned job seekers direct and was to that is was a mistake as the claim has to be 26 consecutive weeks and to phone the local jobcentre to ca
  9. How will I know if he is paying my tax?
  10. I am currently unemployed. A friend of mine has 3 ice cream vans and has offered me 16 hours a week for about 4 or 5 months. He said he will give me £6 an Hour. I have a Girlfriend and 13 year old son. What I need to know is, 1. How do I pay my Tax & NI? 2. If I dont earn enough to pay tax &NI, who needs to know my earnings. 3. Can I claim Working tax credit? 4. Can I sign on JSA when the jobs finished? My Friend said all I need to do is fill in a P46, is this right? Any advice is weclome. Thanks
  11. I dare say some of the "story" is exaggerated. What I'm saying is, a lot of people are having problems with the JC and the way they talk to people. Yes there is a lot of people who don't want jobs, but there is no need to put the rest of us in the same category. We don't want to be spoken to like children. We want help and support looking for work,and not given jobs to apply for that we don't want or are not qualified for, then threatened with loss of benefit if we don't apply.
  12. The more I read on this forum about the Job centre, and talk to other people of their experiences, the more I shake my head with disbelief. I was talking to someone at the Job Club today. He was Painting the outside of his Nans house, when he received a phone call from the JC saying that someone had informed them that he had a painting job and had not told them about it. When he explained that the house was a family member, they didn't believe him and would he put his Nan on the phone to confirm this. He was then told that if he was doing any more "work" for a family member, would he plea
  13. Yes. refused, as the job is only temporary! JC didn't tell me this. I had to travel 40 miles, good thing I got the job. The only downside is, I'll be dealing with these idiots again in a few weeks.
  14. Thanks for all your input. If I am at work for 5 weeks, I will push for the CT/HB run on then.
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