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  1. You have copies of ALL documents including copies of any and all letters you sent the PPC ? Again i fear not. The last threatening letter was from the very bogus sounding Windsor - Smythe & partners at least 6 months ago, and i'm concerned that stupidly I no longer have the original correspondence, nor stupidly the copy i had kept of my reply. Very foolish i'm aware. I only ever corresponded with them once, which was to state that i felt their charges for overstaying my welcome were excessive, and using a form of text i took from the net, which i believe was as follows : "Pl
  2. Sadly i am woefully under prepared. No photo's of site/signs - i don't know who landowner is and suspect it may have changed hands since then, but will try to get hold of the info tomorrow. No Northants not local court.
  3. Thanks Lamma, your time much appreciated. When were the court papers filed ? 17/3/09. have you checked with the court that the papers are real ? Yes my claim number and password were valid when going onto the county court website. is Northhampton your local court ? No northhampton isn't, the "offence" was on city road N1 just north of the city of london. I live in south london SW2 have you filed a defense ? Not yet pending your kind advice. if so when ? I have another 14 days have you checked who the landowner of the car park is ? It doesn't exist anymore -
  4. Hi Crem, Thanks for taking time to look at my post. Unfortunately it is real enough, i was away on holiday when this arrived (dated 17/3/09) and only just managed to get on to the court's website in time to compltete the acknolwledgement of service to buy me another 14 days within which to submit my defence. Do i have one?!
  5. I parked in a private car park in london in December 2007 and got back to the car slightly after the expiry of my parking icket. I received a penalty fine which i objected to on the grounds of it being disproportionate and sent a letter saying as much, enclosing a cheque for £5 (considerably more than the excess time i had left the car in the car park without a valid ticket. I used a template letter i found on the web to reject the charges as being disproportionate (similar to the bank charges fiasco). This cheque was returned to me and i had a year of increasingly threatening letters fro
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