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  1. because its been assigned by halifax ? does this make it enforcable? in other words can they take me to court .
  2. realy how have they got it then , or are they just trying there luck.
  3. when they sold the house they did get in touch with us through a letter telling us there was a shortfall but were were out of work at the time so they said for now we will not pursue it . i think we did get another letter a bout a year later but nothing after that ,till now with moorcroft , does the fact that they did get in touch with us change anything .
  4. ive been reading that for mortgage shortfalls can be collectable for 12 years ?
  5. Hi guys just wondering if some one could give me a bit of advise , i had my home repossessed 9 years ago , there was a shortfall when they sold it at auction . They haven`t bothered us for 9 years (halifax) then today i got a letter from the halifax saying they have passed the debt on to moorcroft dept recovery , i don`t really know what to do, we have not acknowledged this debt . and cant afford £20,000. any advise would be help full.
  6. ive e-mailed sra (you can e-mail a complaint on there web site ,they regulate solicitors) telling them everthing, waiting to here from them ,thaks for the info . will let you know if anything happens.
  7. hi i dont know if anyone can help with some advice ,i have a ccj and i am paying it regulary i send a check to bryan carter solicitors as its them that took me to court (capital one card) the court exepted my offer of £5 a month ,and i have not missed a payment ,the last cheque was sent on the 28th feb the court paper work states that my payment should reach bryan carter by the 6th of every month so my payment has till this wednesday to get there . but to my horror i got a message from the office that bryan carter had rung asking me to get in touch and giving my ref number . they have my hom
  8. thanks for the info and advice its all a help and very appreciated.
  9. if you are going to make yourself bankrupt can they take your car if you need it for work. dont know if im going to do this but just checking things out. the car is paid for and is only worth £2600, but i need to know if they can take it.
  10. ive already got a council house luckly my original morgage was taken over by bank of scotland then they were bought by halifax
  11. yes £2,000 early settlement charge , is it normal for them to leave it 8 month when no payments are being made .not asked for a redemption figure ,they sent a letter saying they would want 89k +charges .
  12. i cant afford to pay the fees to sell it . wish i could
  13. with costs i owe them 90k the house is only valued at 95k
  14. hi to cut a long story short , self employed cant afford morgage payments . so want my lender to repo the property . we have not been able to pay a penny since december last year all ive had is letters saying same in 15 days we are starting legal procedings , the month after the same but they never start legal procedings , ive already got a council house and were all settled . we just need them to do it so we can rebuild our lives . how long do they usually take to do this any advice or insite are welcome.
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