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  1. in the letter from cabot they state that they are not required to snd a default notice or a termination notice - is this correct ?
  2. thanks 42man i will read through the links provided
  3. apologies for this but i think i may get a ccj registered on monday unless i get a defence in and /or a response to the paperwork cabot have sent me , any help greatly appreciated
  4. i acknowledged the claim in april , but got the letter from morgans saying they will extend time for a defence until 14 days after they provide me the paperwork , this letter is dated 15th june . they have claimed for the full balance outstanding . Also because they have done a 2 for 1 case ie capone and liv vic togetehr under the same claim does this mean that if one of them is unenforceable then the whole case could be struck out ?
  5. Please can someone advise as to what i should do next , im not sure wht to submit as a defence and also what reply i ned to send to cabot thanks in advance
  6. these are the 2 credit agreements , not very legible as they sent me bad photocopies of the originals http:// http://
  7. http://i853.photobucket.com/albums/ab98/hrashid1/morgan.jpg[/img"]http:// i have attached a link to the first page of the letter from cabot , not sure if i scanned properly so will post the rest if this is readable
  8. they have stated in their letter that they dont need to give default notice or termination agreement , but i will scan the letter as well , i thought i had got default notices but cant find them
  9. am i correct that they took too long to send the paperwork , i requested in april 2009 , they sent it june 15th can i use that towards that my defence , I am not sure what i should do next , If required i can scan the letter and credit agreements to look at thanks
  10. i sent the cpr 31.14 and received a response from morgans stating they agree to an extension of my time to file a defence until 14 days after i receive requested documents . i finally got a huge pile of paper dated 15th june so i guess that gives me until 29th to file defence the paperwork includes credit agreements , statements and cpies of deeds of asignment
  11. i will look for the default notices . I take it i need to do a separate letter for each of the credit cards ? I have to say you guys/gals are great , great knowledge and speedy response - donation to follow
  12. jogs , yes it is a claim for two separate cards , they have had the capital one for about 2 years whereas they were give liv vic about 8 months ago , i seem to remember i was issued with default notices and also sent a letter that the debt was being sold to cabot .
  13. thanks 42man , is there any of the two letters that you recommend ? also do i send a copy of this letter to the court as well ? and what will be my defence or does that depend on the reply i get from Cabot ? sorry about all the questions but just want to make sure i m doing it correctly
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