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  1. Hi, so i sent the Statute Barred letter in the mean time they sent a letter addressed to the Occupier and to call the number urgently, Which i didn't i have now been sent another letter today saying: As we have been unable to contact you by telephone, it is essential you call our office mmediately, in order for us to deal with the issues that you have raised in your correspondence regarding this debt. from Jason Evans. Any suggestions what i should do next.. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks very much for the advice i will get the letter sent. Sorry for being thick but you said not to sign my name, i take it i just print it. Thanks i'll let you know how i get on.
  3. Thanks for moving my thread. The debt is for a credit card i took out in 1997.They said my last payment was feb 2003. To be honest i can't remember if i paid the debt off or what happened to it.
  4. I have received a letter on monday from Ruthbridge Limited. I rang them as i can't remember the debt, i can't remember if i paid it off or not. My boyfriend and me have had mortage for the last year and my boyfriend has put a big deposit down on the house. I rang them and the guy i spoke to said they had to track me down and i needed to pay the money he asked for a contact number but i refused. I said i would ring them back. When i did i spoke to a Mr Wilson he said i owed £3228.86 but i had to pay in full he asked if i owned a ahouse and how much it is was worth etc he was being funny with me
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