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  1. yes during the 1st attendance at court this is what 1st credit had as an order: 1:The stay be lifted (which I put in place on one of the debts) 2:and that both claims be consolidated - because the nature of the issues are identical (but one was loan and one was credit card) 3: summary judgment in favour of "1st credit" in respect of both actions because defendant has no good reason why the claims should be disposed of by trail.
  2. I know but I don't have the proof of post - I put this in the defence I filed
  3. yes DX we are a little further along - I filed a defence, which they suggested was no defence, "we are going for a summary judgement as you have no defence" which they tried but failed as they hadnt properly done as they were supposed to said the judge. I did do a CCA request, they took 2 months and produced copies of the agreements, which I gather is ok now
  4. I haven't been on here for some time - thought my debt problems were behind me but If anyone can offer some advice Id appreciate it. I will try and be concise, many years ago I was very much in debt. almost 50k. I was self employed and work was up and down, I robbed peter to pay Paul (many of you will understand this) the problem got worse until I decided to do something about it. I borrowed a substantial amount of money and set about contacting all of the creditors, All of whom were really born from Lloyds Bank - I negotiation settlements around 30-40 p
  5. Well that was what I thought initially, but I guess the more legal looking letter made me think for a second longer than I should have done. really they are either going to try and take action or not, but I do wonder is this type of agreement still covered by the normal consumer credit act? Id imagine so - would anyone care to ponder that fact?
  6. indeed its not my typing! as for zazen, and my mistaken gender assumptions, well all I can say is "ding dong" lol - tee hee
  7. Hi, I hadnt heard anything for a while regarding this HIP payment. Today a letter dropped through the door from LCS, the legal division of 1st credit. Letter states : We act of behalf of 1st Credit, who have instructed us to write to you concerning the seriously overdue account. Unless payment is made within 14 days from the date of this letter we are instructed to issue proceedings against you in the county court for recovery. Should that step prove necessary our clients claim will include statutory interest, court fees and solicitors costs. blah blah blah send pa
  8. I have just spent a while reading through this entertaining thread, I tip my hat to ZW for some wonderful responses to the enemy! You are empowering the people with your words, long may it continue. I am just about to post out some CCA's in the morn, reading this thread made me smile
  9. The initial SAR request was sent near the date this thread started, and the the latter request offering them seven days is now also well over due, I have given them rather a long time to reply. I suspect that due to the worlds finances collapsing and with so many other people all over the uk doing the same thing! (thank gawd for the internet and these forums empowering ppl) From what I can gather thus far, should I not get any reply (and I dont think I will) I can then submit a N224? to the court where the CCJ was initiated all those years ago, and argue as I said above over the poss
  10. right, I posted the above and not heard a peep. I am going to attempt to get this ccj set aside and use the argument that, I suspect either a flawed agreement in some way, or that I am unsure regarding the charges associated with the account and final amount they have listed. As I have said the loan goes back to 1995 and the balance is £2708. The bike was £6800 I think and I traded in a 2 year old bike at the time, to me the sums just dont add up they hit me for the entire cost of finance term which looks to equate to £9575, and I have been paying it for years and years, and made m
  11. Hello! I have since received a statement of account, but thats it, no other details at all, so I have today sent the following : LETTER BEFORE ACTION Section 7 – Data Protection Act 1998 Dear Sir/Madam Loan Agreement no: 9999999999 I am in receipt of the documents that you have supplied in response to my Data Protection Act information request dated 25th March 2008. However the disclosure of personal data is incomplete in this instance and I understand that other information/documents have not been provided. 1) You have failed to provide a complete list of transactions a
  12. yes thanks thats the one I looked at before. I must apologise if it seems I am going over old ground, I just re-read the entire thread, I dont normally get much time to get on the forum you see and forget where I am sometimes! Originally I was looking at a re-determination, but I would ideally like to get the CCJ removed and stop the payments to them, I know 42man suggested there might be some chance of this using the changes in the law as a possible avenue to pursuit. I have tried many times over the phone and in writing to settle with them, but like I said, they just dont want
  13. hi and thanks wheres the letter before action located then? is the one I posted above enough? That links me to another cost that I cant afford at the moment. Once I have posted that (if its ok) and I have received no reply, whats my best course of action, I want to get this CCJ removed. can anyone else help me?
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