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  1. Ericsbrother, thanks for the reply. For now I can attach scanned copy of the letter and in the morning will go to the road to take a photo of the sign notice and will post that too.
  2. Hi, I require help in regards to a letter I received from Parking Control Management (in Slough). My wife required to hand in a letter in college which took hardly 7 min for her to come back and I stayed in a car at all times playing with mobile phone. I had parked my car just outside the college with no yellow lines. There was a space of parking, only 3 cars could be parked in this road side parking which also has got a notice board about Private Parking (which i failed to notice as i took this space belong to college). Roughly 3 min later a guy in a scruffy t shirt and jeans came and started
  3. hello friends, I would require some help to get correct info. I have contacted my local council and each time i spoke to someone in there has given me different answers to others, and this has confused us a lot. So thats why I would like info regarding the matter I am about to mention. I am in part time employment 24 hrs a week, earn around £1100 PM after deduction in tax, NI and pension. We live in a rented property and we get housing and some towards council tax benefits. My wife dont work and look after children age 6 yr and 13 yr. Recently my wife has decided and went thru some interview
  4. Good News, today i received a letter from the council and agreed to waive PCN charges. Just over week a go I emailed the council Traffic dept. and explained my medical situations again which i had already explained in my 1st letter. Explaining in the email has worked well and good and got the charges waived. Thanks to all for advices.
  5. Hello pin1onu, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. I have attached PCN and the refusal letter from the council. Please see if you can see / find a way to get these charges waived. I would also appreciate anyones advice. I dont have enough time left to pay (7 days left) or appeal further once the14 days reduced amount to pay period is over, in other words i will have to pay £100 if my apeal is again refused. thanks Scans are posted on flickrs. Link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/40077911@N05/
  6. Hello, I am requesting for advice and any further steps available to me in regards to my situation below. I suffer from a medical condition urgency of micturition which is that I suddenly find myself in a need to pass urine immediatly without any further delay, and whenever I go through this condition my mind doesn't think about anything else apart from to look for a place to pass urine and those moments are difficult for me. I have been on medication since pass over a year and also been to few tests in local hospital, in otherwords I have all the proofs that i suffer from this c
  7. guys below is the letter i sent to Wescot, this letter is kind of a mix & match but it did work, so if any of you want to use it then go ahead and hopefully it does the same for you as it did for me. Dear Sir/Madam; Re: Account No/Reference No: No debt is acknowledged to you. You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on whic
  8. Thanks to Pinky69 and others too for helping me in this matter. Now i have received a reply from Wescot in which they have "apologized for any inconvenience they may have caused and this matter (account) is closed from now on and you will not receive any letters in regard to this account." Once again thanks to all, one worry is less and now have to deal with other worries.
  9. Thanks for the reply and the forms, this is true the fees is paid by the claimant and it also has increased the final charges. so to reduce the final total I needed to find out if there is exemption for the unemployed defendant which is my wife.
  10. I am still waiting for their reply. In the mean time I have a question to ask. If a person (defendant unemployed) receives county court order from Northampton and there is a court fee too, is there a law or a way where a defendant get exemption from paying the court fee. I would be thankful for your reply.
  11. Very well havinastella, I would have to wait for their reply and would inform you once its here. Good night and sweet dream
  12. Thank you havinastella, i have printed that letter and will post it on Monday. just curious this letter does not mention anything about the charges, and if its hidden in one of the Acts would Ikano revert those charges ? Thanks again
  13. My wife could not keep up with new look store card repayments due to hardship we are facing which involves few other creditors. All this happened when i was told by my firm to become part time or face the redundancy, so i choose part time just to keep my job. My wife is unemployed and look after our 2 little kids. My wife wrotea letter to New Look offering them £2 PM and also stop any extra charges. anyway the problem is New Look has pass the account to Ikano who has phoned my wife few times forcing her to cough up the amount. My wife has offered them £2 PM but they refused and instead they h
  14. i can not remember what was it but 100% sure it was not a loan. maybe items bought on HP. as far i can remember i did not pay a penny since 1999. there are few things i'm thinking about. 1) what if i carry on ignoring these letters ? what would happen, what are the possibilities of this matter getting worst ? 2) if i send a letter as Pinky69 suggested, wouldn't that be a kind of confirmation to wescot and debt collectors that i do owe money ? and what affect this letter would have on them ? would they stop asking to pay up? 3) if CCJ is unlikely to be taken out then what kind of course
  15. Hi, I would really like someone to help me here. Around 1999 I could not carry on paying (a normal payments) to GE Capital due to divorce, lose of job and tensions etc etc. and in 2000 i went abroad for 2 years, and from 1999 till now i have not paid a cent towards outstanding balance (£700)and i know there was no CCj issued. In the recent past 3 months i started receiving letters from Wescot credit services (so far 4 letters and I never replied or contacted them) demanding the money and I have no intentions of paying as I am already facing hardship with wife and 2 kids under 6yrs. On 21 Feb
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