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  1. Thanks Citizen B I didn't have time to upload anything and my defence and WS already submitted. Was in Court today and managed to get an adjournment until BC respond to the point of the CCA request going by Recorded Delivery in 2009 and receipt produced as proof. Worryingly the Judge said that the T&Cs were fine despite there being on a separate document with no signature box - there is a 4 paragraph section called Credit Card Account Agreement and Credit Agreement Regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 which does includes a signature, although it is ill
  2. Andyorch - is that correct? I was in court this afternoon with friend and got away with an adjournment purely because 1stC hadn't responded to our CCA request, but the Judge said when we are back in Court it will be difficult to defend as the separate T&Cs was fine under Carey & HSBC.
  3. Hi All Had a number of card issues over the years which I have managed to keep at bay with the help of this website - but Bryan Carter won't back down. They have failed to provide a signed copy of the CCA and have now submitted their Court Bundle which includes a the a 3 paragraph Credit Card Account Agreement - but the T&C's are a separate 13 pages without any signature and could have come from anywhere. They have said they will not be in Court and state they did not receive my requests for CCA, nor did the original card supplier - I have kept the Post Office
  4. Apologies if this has come to light earlier in this thread, but MEX have a mandate to have cleared the entire mortgage within 10 years of the break up of B&B. I have been told by a Mex rep, that anyone who has had any sort of arrears even if they have been cleared, has breached their T&Cs and can have LPA receivers appointed/or have their mortgage term cut to 8 years - sadly I have actually see a variation of this applied and they will not back down.
  5. Be very careful - I know from first hand experience that they are desparatelky trying to wind up the 'business' inside the initial 10 years - 2020. They will insist on new T&Cs which will limit your mortgage term to 8 years - I am guessing yyour credit will be shot by now so no chance of remortgaging even in 8 years time. Makes you smile that the state saved their sorry asses when they over extended themselves and now kicking people like you who have worked with them for months to get things straight.
  6. Things seem to be taking a turn for the worse at MEX - now even if you clear arrears you cannot get your property back from LPA Receivers without signing a new mortgage agreement - which is only 10 years! WS must be rubbing their hands - they get their fee for running property into the ground.
  7. Sorry to hear that Marley - I spoke with a representative at ME in a semi professional basis and she had to deal with WS on a regular basis. She told me that they were woefully under staffed and not at all ready for the amount of properties they ended up with. She also said that she managed to get some properties away from WS because she knew she could work with the borrower and save the properties better than WS.
  8. Thanks Meerkat - do not want to be too specific about dates so would like to leave it at about 18 months ago (you never know who's looking). I have not SAR'd them as I wasn't sure that would actually achieve anything. How far did you get with your TS complaint? I complained to MEX, but they simply said they were following procedures and I guess the complaint is not about their appointment, but their incompetence. Regards
  9. Hi Meerkat WS have had it about a 18 months - but they failed to collect rent from first tenant, and took months to evict. Then it stood empty for months despite my chasing WS weekly. In the end I found some tenants and moved them. WS got really snotty about it and insisted that all rents be paid through them - taking a monthly fee even though they had done nothing for it! The tenant then stopped paying and WS did sweet fa other than sending a few letters to the tenant - they didn't tell me - if they had I would have been straight round there. I never got a statement from
  10. From bitter experience you want the most robust possible document - saving £200 or £300 now may cost her dear if he does come back for 50% equity. If a trust document has been signed it will stand up in court as a valid document and in the absence of any other agreements should prove sufficient.
  11. This all sounds so familiar - I have recently done a deal with WS only to find that having spent a small fortune on the property to get it habitable again - they have then 'reviewed' the arrangement 6 months later and decided that it must be sold to clear the arrears. I have challenged it - but I understand that it is quite usual for them to let you spend your money doing it up and then pull the rug so it can be sold in good nick! Don't fall for it - makesure you get a committment from them to allow the arrangement to run its full course.
  12. Have to agree with Seminole - for 20 years I had a squeaky clean record and believed if I owed money I should pay it back - still do for individuals. When things got tough 3 years ago I spoke to all my creditors to come to an arrangement of reduced payments - most agreed, but a couple refused and that screwed my credit. Once my credit score was shot there seemed little point in maintaining the arrangements I had with the other creditors - which seemed a bit harsh on them, but such is life.
  13. Sounds very interesting Langster, but why not just tell us now?
  14. Hopefully by end of this month I will be completing on a sale to get a 30% discount from Oakwood - offer is limited to a specific batch of Oakwood loans and closes end of June. The guy I spoke to at Oakwood said he couldn't confirm or deny whether there would be another offer for another batch of loans later this year - fingers crossed.
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