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  1. yes i agree. i was however quickly contacted by the head department after posting this but dew to this company working as a franchise i was quickly forwarded on to the person i was having comunicating with. i will post my corasondense as i feel this matter has still not been resoloved for me. Here is the message that has just been posted: *************** Hi Ben, I am part of Pitman Training's Head Office team, and would like to personally look into this matter for you. Please can you pop your contact details on an email to [EDIT] so that we can investigate the matter further. Many thanks, Jam *************** -------------------------------------after this email: Dear Benedict Further to my recent email I can confirm that I have now spoken to Fran McLean, the franchisee for the Edinburgh centre. Fran has confirmed that you enrolled on the online technical courses in June 2007, and the course fees were paid for by a third party organisation. Your induction took place on 24 July 2007 and as per the Conditions of Enrolment you had 12 months to complete the courses. Two years later on 22 July 2009, you telephoned the centre to say that you had decided to change your career path and wished to do a diving course. You asked if it would be possible to have a refund made to you personally for the remainder of the course you had not completed. This was impossible as the training had been paid by the organisation and not you personally. It was suggested that you contact the organisation who paid for your training and if they approached the centre with this request then it would be considered. In situations where a third party has funded a course, any refund that may be due under the terms and conditions would be paid to the third party or an arrangement would be made for a substituted delegate / course where appropriate. No contact was made to the centre by the organisation. In addition, you were then well out with the agreed time you had to complete the training. In August 2010 you came in and asked if you could do a Dreamweaver course. Due to this being a third party booking they had difficulty finding your original booking as it was not made by you personally and they asked you to forward the booking reference so that they would look at it. They did not hear from you again until July 2012. In July 2012, you came into the centre and asked if you could take up the training again. Whilst the centre have some flexibility regarding extending course lengths it was felt that as this was five years after the initial enrolment it was impractical to facilitate this as it was so far out with the agreed timescale for completion of the training course. I trust the above answers your questions. Regards Lisa ------------------------------------------- i was mocked. this is my money, for my education. there is a lot of comments there that are not true. i was having second thoughts on the course in mind but i simply ask if i could change the path that i was on not to actually change it. but again i was look down on. no booking attempt was made for the dreamweaver course, they said it had been to long and i that it was in there terms of contracts but i did not sign or start the course i was told that it would be possible to start in my time. i did not in-role to the second course! you should check it out further. i fell i have been spoofed the email for there head offce is :[EDIT]
  2. I tried to contact customersupport @ pitman-training.com they have now ask me to contact the training centre i enrolled. I have already contacted the training centre and i was almost laughed at and referred to ILA.
  3. Hi don't know if i am posting in the right place but. I have tired to get help from several places but i am treated like a fool for trying to follow this up after such a long time (6 years) I received some money for education from project Scotland and decided to go for a course that pitman training were offering. They enrolled me in the first course and said i could start the second course when i wanted. i went back 3 years later and they then said i only had a year to complete both the courses which is impossible for anyone to do. Should i bother following this up or is the £1500 gone. i think since i was only enrolled in one course they have pritty much stolen the money off me. thanks for your time and any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks Ben
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