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  1. thanks lms didnt want to appear money grabbing but they made my life Hell when l was off sick long term since 2004 ringing me up 10 times a day even though l had a repayment plan in place with CCCS....
  2. hi there whilst l had ppi for a bank loan with the halifax l had to have a hysterectomy and while they were dealing with the claim l carried on paying my monthly instalments as normal they then refused to pay out as id had gynealogical probs before although the reason for the op had no relation to to previous issues id already had . ive since been repaid the ppi as it was proven mis sold [ l did it all myself 4 yrs ago before the ppi help wagon really got rolling] now lm not sure if l can challenge the decision for not paying out for my time off work [ 3 mths] as
  3. l left my job due to ill health in march 09 in jne 09 l had a letter saying i had been overpaid in dec 08 by £450 god knows how but probally made up of premium rate shifts of which i did a lot as now unemployed l offered £1 pm as to all l have to all my creditors and have heard no more not even to accept the £1 ??? cest,la vie
  4. thanks hunnybun l have got them in seperate files so l do have a feeling of control to some degree l just get a bit panicky as ld like to get it all over +done with but dont want to give more than l have to can l jst ask .. l suppose l was a bit of a plonker offering lloyds a settlement of £700 when they have admitted they dont have a cca and the debt £3000 goes bk to 95 can l retract that offer and just ignore them,or have l dropped myselfd in the poo and cannot go back on it:mad:
  5. thank you spamheed i wont offer more they can take it or leave it l was just getting a bit bogged down btwn geeting them all off my back and whats fair other thing worrying me is that ive been v lucky that all interest has been frozen on all my debts so by not negotiating it may kick that off and make things worse
  6. am in the process of a f+f with cabgrot have only been paying token £1 since june on a £9230 debt they bought off halifux [ oops sorry my spelling is so rubbish ] ive offered £3200 they want £4800 they have cca but know they only paid p/nuts im off sick = lost my job any advice do l stick to my offer ???
  7. after 3 yrs of unbelievable stress im finally in a position to offer f+f on my debts only 1 is with an outside dca and they are negotiating like mad:lol: cos l know they only paid peanuts for the debt im being v casual with my offers and not getting pushed 4 creditors [ yeah go BOS ] are with in house dca and insist on 75% of debt to b paid bk 2 debts have no cca , l know i can ignore them but l want to get a clean slate well, 1 accepted the offer ,the other egg:rolleyes: want the full amount and will not consider a f+f , so v tempted to tell them where to go by the way just th
  8. installspark: can you tell me what happens if my gp still signs me off sick and my esa appeal is rejected [god forbid] the only other option seems to be jsa, but my gp says im not fit to work so how jsa office be the answer ?? :? thanks in advance for your help
  9. ooh matron !! looking forward to some fun with this lot:grin::grin:
  10. thanks for your reply , so really , just ignore letter and let em play silly beggers:lol: xx
  11. just recieved letter from lloyds : dear xxx ac no xxxxxxxx balance £xxxxxx l feel it is important to let you know that our agents have been in touch with us recently in connection with your account they say that they have been unable to agree a repayment programme and suggest we take legal action against you you can prevent this by paying off in full the o/s balance within 10 days :grin: me thinks not have enclosed i+e form for me to fill in so they can assess my financial situation lots of luv cretin .co OKAY ; as per previous posts on this
  12. yes will do what u suggest , talk about duck + dive the issue will let u know what happens [but dont hold yer breath ]:grin::grin: merci mon cherie,s bon nuit ! [sorry .......just having a french moment ]
  13. hey guys got a weird old letter from aic/lloyds after admitting no cca exists which l asked to confirm in writing heres, what l got today : a/c xxxxxxxxxxx period covered by statement 9/6/08 to 9/6/09 loan provided : unavailable this is the date of the first movement on your account loan amount : unavailable interest rate : 0% this rate has applied throughout the period of the statement to the whole o/s bal + will apply for remaining term [l took loan out in 1995 ] term of agreement : unavailable this is the duration if the agreement as provid
  14. l had to leave my job in march due to ill health , still off sick , had letter today from my ex employer saying that l was overpaid ssp in dec 08 and have to pay back nearly £ 470 lm paying token £1 to all creditors , how do l stand with this demand for repayment , it seems that my employer did not give the company the salaries are managed by the right info at the time any advice pse ??
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