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  1. Hey guys just got a letter this morning from jp Offering a settlement of 15.5k. . They said I have a week to decide or my stay of execution finishes on 10 September . . They say both parties agree to extend the stay period for a further month . . They said something about a tomlin order. . Any advice guys ??
  2. here are the t/c from j/p ... they came with the copies of statements .. has anyone got a link for the hsbc v casey case .. please when you search it lots of different refences but not the actual case
  3. here is my reply from j.p regarding the cpr3114
  4. Again many thanks. .just out of interest did you win your case ?
  5. do you think the courts would accept a payment plan of some sort ??
  6. 21 k is alot to lose .. id have to work soe payment scheme out i guess ... many thannks for your help shamrocker .. ill be working on my witness statements aswell as working on the case ..
  7. Thanks very much for your support guys im really lost and scared never done anything like this before ... will start to read this case today .. is there any other cases I could read about ..
  8. this is the reply I got from j and p regarding the cpr3114 .. welcome any thoughts on this as it will come back when we are in court .. any help- regarding the validity of the original agreement are welcome to ... many thanks guys
  9. Surely the next step is to get my defence ready for a court date .I.e reasons why this agreement is bot valid ??
  10. ]ust got a reply from JP regarding the cpr3114 i have posted it up .. should i prepare my defence as it looks like they mean business . be greatful for any help
  11. IN THE COUNTY COURT BULK CENTRE CLAIM NUMBER: XXXXXXXXX BETWEEN PRA GROUP (CLIMANT) AND ######### (DEFENDANT) --------------------------------------------- DARFT DIRECTIONS ----------------------------------------------- 1. The claim be allocated to the fast track 2. Each party must by serve to the other party standard disclosure 14 days pre hearing.list inspection seven days there after 3. Each must by 14 days pre hearing serve on every other party the signed statement of all witness of the fact on whom they intend to rely. 4. Pre trail checklist to be filed no later than 14 days pre hearing 5. The matter be listed for a trial the date to be confirmed by the court with a time estimated 4 hours 6. Costs in the case THIS IS MY DRAFT PLEASE SEE AND COMMENT ON ANY IMPROVEMENTS .. THANKS
  12. Great thanks .. I fill out my form and send to the court Do I send to the other side solicitors a copy of the whole form n181 or just the direction. ?
  13. Hi many thanks for your help so far .. but I am unable to find the link you posted as just a link on how to upload a document comes up ... do u have a link ? Many thanks Andy
  14. there are dates which I need to fill in the pdf as I have not been given any court dates .. also it says that disclosure must be given latest by three days before the case is that standard or can I request earlier date so I can prepare my defence. surley the other side solictors will give me least time as possible . do I send the directions only or the whole form to the solicitor ..
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