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  1. thank you for that. if anyone else has any suggestions or has been in the same situation and had success in fighting off the lpa receivers then please post.
  2. the reason i metioned lpa1925 was because it was mentioned on other threads but not in detail. i think it was lpa 1925 (2) that was mentioned. but i think i will be better off going to a solicitor. thank you for looking if there is anyone who has been in a similar position and has had success in fighting the lpa recievers please do get in touch.
  3. after looking around, all sorces point back to lodging a n244 form under sec 91, law of property act 1925. i have the form with me have you any knowledge of this because although many point in this direction none really go into depth. thank you again for looking
  4. after extensive surfing, i came to a N244 form apparently this is the form to stop them. has anyone any experiance of this?
  5. thank you for viewing. can anyone else offer any help or suggestions please.
  6. hi thank you for viewing no the accounts are still in arrears. the property that they have marketed might be up-to-date but unsure, it had a long term tenent in who has left since they took over. how can i stop them selling it and get control over the properties? the second property has not been marketed, yet.
  7. hello all lpa receivers have marketed my btl for sale. I have had no correspondence from them what so ever. When it went in their hands i spoke to my mortgage provider (the west brom) and they told me that the reveivers will collect the rent on my behalf and that once the account was back up to date, they will look to transfer back in my control, so i left it at that, and what ever costs had been occured they will bill to the account. i have two properties that they have taken but only one has been marketed yet. is this not illegal? what can i do to stop them from selling i
  8. thank you for that, i am visiting the council tax office today to speak to them directly to resolve this matter and can i request that you give me a template letter to send to equita in which i will include a postal order for £24.50. id rather give them that then let this go on further as it is affecting my health. thanks again
  9. he said over the phone that the £200 was what equita had billed and his expenses would be more on top? i read somewhere that the council can request for the warrent to be returned or withdrawn??? will the citizens advice bureau be helpful in this matter? thanks
  10. i paid the council tax, £346 but they said they cannot stop the bailiffs as they will want there own costs. spoke to bailiff and said the costs were over £200! what can i do now?
  11. i tried phoning their head office and she said that she cannot discuse my case and that i should contact the bailiff dealing with me directly on his mobile. i have had about four letters before but this was the first delivered by hand. the property that the council tax relates to is another house that i own which is now on rent, the council have my forwarding address which is my parents address and this is where the bailiffs are sending all their letters. i live with my parents and all belongings inside are theirs except my clothes and mobile phone. if i paid the council via th
  12. Hi All I Recently Had A Letter Delivered By Hand Stating That The Bailiff Attended Today With The Intention Of Removing Goods To Discharge The Outstanding Council Tax (£349) And Any Additional Enforcement Costs Incurred. And That I Need To Pay In Full In 24hrs Or He Will Re-attend And May Remove Goods. Now I Called Birmingham Council Saying That I Am Able To Pay In Full And That I Will Pay At The Post Office, But They Said That I Need To Pay Via Equita????? And That They Will Not Take Payment From Me Directly???? Any Ideas Please Thanks
  13. yes i see the trends in which they operate thanks for the reply. in a matter of fact, has anyone ever had the debt collector come round for a parking ticket????????
  14. hahahahahahhahaha i get it now!!!!! advise taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to all that have helped. will keep you updated as to what happens next though thanks
  15. thanks alot people... is there anything i can do about them having my phone number or them calling me. although the guy did say he will call back later but nothing yet. i feel silly for calling them
  16. hi all, i just received a "notice of visit" letter from rossendales stating that if i ignored them any longer a debt collector will be visiting me in the 'next few days'! it was sent on the 16th march, but i only received it today. now i also made the mistake of phoning them and they now have my phone number. will they now be harassing me with phone calls? i only came across this website now, wish i looked first. any advise they want £115
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