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  1. Thanks, There's an option to ring the customer service etc, but a case will only be disputed in writing? It is a geniuine ticketing company, i'm just concerned as I have admitted to parking the vehicle there in my appeal letter. I obviously predicted they would deny my appeal because they want to make money...... Apparently If I don't pay up then it will rise, +administrative//Court costs too...... I'm not meaning to be ignorant to your advice at all, just a bit worried about some sort of backlash as the car is registered to my parents house and don't need them haras
  2. Hey Recently I received a parking ticket at 8.20am outside a halls of residence (student but private) when the weather conditions were awful (about 5inches of snow)......there were no more parking bays available, so I had to park on the side of the road apparently "causing obstruction" I appealed on the grounds of the poor weather (after clearly stating I did not want to put myself in danger, or other road users) and as the ticket was issued far too early for me to be able to move the car (as I didnt pull up until 3am). They have now replied saying the appeal was unsuccessful d
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