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  1. Sorry...but I WANT TO UNDERLINE that YOU WILL SURELY GET 100% FREE LEGAL SUPPORT AT THE INTERVIEW. I did it myself so I know what I am talking about. The only legal requirement is that you are on Income Support and from what you say on your first post you are so that is enough. Legal Advice and Support includes also IUC for Benefit Crime, no matter where they take place... I can confirm you will be 100% covered. This is not guaranteed in the unlikely event of going to Court. PLEASE feel free to adsk for further infos if you need to...
  2. If you are on Income Support you are entitled to a solicitor paid by Legal Service entirely. However, this will not cover in case you have to go to Court. I have been there myself, and sometimes unfortunately, these Interview are conducted in such a way that they try to make you tell them things they want to hear. Therefore, I suggest you go with a solicitor. You can find it yourself ( although it might be tricky to find ne who adheres to the Legal Service) but I strongly suggest you go through the Cab which has a complete list of Local Solicitors who join the scheme. Personally, having a sol
  3. Oh yes...do bring a solicitor with you. I had an interview under caution a couple of months ago and my solicitor helped out quite a lot. They dealt with these causes many times, they know when to stop an investigator and they can disclose the information for you on the day of the interview before the actual interview begins so you can discuss with the solicitor on the defence to use. It has been reaaly useful and my solicitor reaaly calmed my nerves a lot. Try to stand up for your cause. The investigator will try to make you tell what they want and the way they pose the questions might some
  4. They were claiming my husband was living with me because there were letters with his name still coming at my address after he left. Everything went well but the stress was horrible. I can't underline enough how important it is to get a solicitor's advice. I went to CAB office and they pointed me to one who was dealing with these matters and they were excellent. They help you to put things into perspective and they can also have a disclosure on your case on the day of the interview, before the interview actually starts. That will help you to gather information and thoughts which is important wh
  5. Bazooka Boo is right. I was under investigation for 2 months for Alleged Benefit Fraud. It was one of the most distressing thing ever to hit me and so I understand what you are going through. I would firmly suggest you to get a solicitor with you,they are really helpful, they dealt with these situation many times and they can help during the interview which can sometimes be quite tough. The investigators try to make you tell them what they want and having the solicitor can stop them from doiing it. In your case, anyway, it should not be too bad since the worst it could happen is to pay back a
  6. Hi there... no, do not worry as this letter is just for them to check that you are right on the benefit. The officer will double check your details and make sure your claim is fine. It is standard procedure and not an Investigation. Don't worry.
  7. Hi there, i had an interview last week myself but i was not told i was going to attend a next one... Usually it is supposed to be only one... Did you by any chance stopped the previous one ? You might know how stressful those ones are therefore I might understand if you wanted to stop yours. I have not received any news from them yet. Have you got an idea how long do we have to wait before we get any infos back ? Also make sure you get a solicitor. They really help you out with all the legal issues....and they are really supportive.
  8. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry...i sort of thought that u were a man... Apologies....madam !!!!
  9. Dear bookworm, i wish all men were like you. I probably had the worst husband then... Believe you me if i tell you that i told him many times but because he stated he did not have an address where to forward them to he needed to use my one... The battles and the arguments over that and other stuff is uncountable but the sad reality is that now because of him i am in this mess and it will take time for me to get back to normality... I lost touch with it weeks ago and it is horrible... Thank you bookworm.
  10. I did send his bank statements back and other stuff but they came all back after a month... When i made the enquiry i was told that only the person himself can change the details by calling or going to the branch otherwise it will not happen. Thankyou,
  11. Hi welsh mam, yes, i went to the cab as soon as i received the letter 3 weeks ago. They did not really help much more than telling me i looked bad... But the good thing is that they put me in contact to a legal aid solicitor who was present at my interview and who i will rely to as well when i receive the answer from the investigators. When i get information next i will consult with her before taking further action but i was told it will take time and that is killing me ( see my other post about it...). Anyway....i was told my husband is not supposed to have things coming to my home but t
  12. Myinvestigator tried to put things in my mouth and all. She was pushing me to say that it was surprising that my husband had no fixed address because he was a grown man... GROWN MAN????? WHAT the hell has got that to do with me??? And my accusation???? Was she trying to make admitt wnhat i was saying wasn't true???? Well...it was... im afraid for her... I really think that no matter how near or far from the truth they are , they always want to find a way to convict you... using any way possible... Sometimes i think...i did what i could and whatever happens happens... But i cant help worrying..
  13. Thank you whu1... Well, my solicitor told me that as things are i should try and not worry too much. Unfortunately, he is not paying any billselsewhere because he is living with other people ( i think the y r on benefit too) AND THEREFORE he is not paying anything else. The investigator sounded surprised that after one year he was not able to get his own place...but in the end what have i got to do with it? He has got bank account at this address im afraid but despite me trying and send them back to the sender they keep on coming and only he can change the address... So it is with british gas.
  14. Hi everybody... ive been called for a Interview Under Caution which I attended yesterday after over 2 weeks of waiting. I cannot describe you the stress this caused me. I am already a very anxious person by nature but all this is really taking its toll physically and mentally now. At theinterview basically they insisted that my husband , who left over a year ago, and who is still actaully using my adrress for his mail to come bEcause hasn't got a fixed address (AS HE STATES...), IS STILL living with me. I have been honest and told them that apart from him turning up sometimes to see his
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