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  1. Hi all received letter from Equita this morning stating that the charges of £167.67 have been waived clearing the debt in its entirity. After many letters, e mails and getting my mp involved i have had a result. Thanx to everybody on this forum for their help and guidance in this matter, without you this would not have happened. Thank again
  2. hi, sister in law received new coucil tax bill which stated she still owed £500 ish from last year.When she queried it she was told it was from 2006. She requested a subject access report to which she has just received. It looks as though the outstanding debt is from 2000/2001. Can they still chase this debt as it is over 6 years old
  3. So does that mean i can contest the 2 visit charges, only had 1 and the levy charges and also the enforcement fee
  4. thanx happy. Would i needed to have signed something or been given something when he supposedly levied upon car
  5. Hi what is the easiest way to find out if he is certified. I only have his name as he never showed me anything when he came
  6. Hi all, defaulted on my council tax towards the back end of last year,council took me to court. Didn't hear anything till the 3rd week in january when i got a letter stating a bailiff would be calling to remove my goods. I phoned Equita to propose payment and was refused as it was now with a bailiff and gave me his number. I phoned him and he agreed a payment plan of £60 per month which 1st payment was made on January 22nd. My mother was taken into hospital around the time the next payment was due which i missed due to the chaos around me at that time. On 9th March my wife was greeted at the d
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