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  1. Good News!! Letter from the court today.. "Order Suspending Warrent/Judgement On the defendants application and the court satisfied that the defendant is unable to pay and discharge the sum payable by him in this action. It is ordered that the judgement or order be suspended for so long as the defendant do pay the claimant the outstanding sum by instalments of £30 every month etc etc.." I'm so relieved. Thank you so much Caggers, I know it's not the ideal outcome, and I have closed my business anyway, but I'm not bankrupt and can pay in instalments. I couldn't have done
  2. Hi all, sorry middenmess I seemed to miss the notification that you had posted to the thread or I would have replied sooner! I received a letter back from the court dated 3rd November returning my postal order for £30 to CL Finance saying that I need to pay it directly to the claimant and that they have 'received my application which will be issued by the court'. I have sent the postal order made payable to CL finance to Cohens and asked them for monthly payment slips or direct debit details as I don't have a personal cheque book. Today I received a letter from Cohens which s
  3. good luck rainbow. I received my notice of assignment after my claim form too, not right is it?! All the best
  4. Thanks both.. and thank you for sticking with me over this! I think I might have to give the court a call actually. I've been doing some sums today and realised that we aren't eligible for tax credits anymore, so that will reduce our monthly income by £100!!! So I really can't afford the £30 per month, I don't have it! On the plus side, I've got a job interview on Friday.. fingers crossed..!
  5. Hi ssshooter, sorry I can't give any advice as I'm not knowlegable enough, but good to see that court wasn't a disasted. Especially what the judge said about them backing you into a corner. Best of luck going forward.
  6. Hi all, sorry I haven't been around, I've been working hard for my failing business, rather soul destroying. And trying to get a job interview. That's quite a mission. I don't have anything for them to apply for a charging order on. So if I don't hear anything shall I just send £30 a month directly to CL finance? I'm not sure I even have an address for them! Sure I can find one somewhere though. I had a message to say that the thead title had been changed to add SJ into it - but I didn't know I was going to get an SJ until I was in court and I got one. That's not what the no
  7. Hi gezwee, yes 30 squids is alot and it's dependent on my OH taking over the gas bill, had to juggle things about a bit. It's probably a mistake too but I thought it might be better to offer as much as possible. Thanks for your advice too pedross. That's a good point too, I'm hoping they will accept the offer, but does anyone know what will happen if they don't and then my 28 days is up and I can't pay anything?
  8. Thank you!! I'll keep you posted of course. Actually, that's a thought. As I have no assets they will probably get alot more from me by accepting my monthly payments at £30 per month than by me going bankrupt...?
  9. Evening all. Thanks middinmiss, I know you posted before on the thread. I did briefly look into if I could get the court fee waived but it didn't seem I was on the 'right' benefits for that! Hi gezwee, no I don't have any property to protect. No assets at all, I don't even own the car. Solicitor looked quite disapointed when I told her that in our little meeting. Anyway, my update for today is that I have posted the form to the court, first class recorded, along with postal orders for the fee and for my first payment to CL Finance...(ouch - I really am poor now!) But they stil
  10. Thank you for your replies. You're quite right, I should know that really, I'm just shaken by my experience in court! I'll do the CCA request tonight, thank you
  11. You are a star, as is everyone who has helped me, I don't know what I would have done without the help of this forum! I've edited the post down to just give the basic information now.
  12. Andy I keep trying to add to your reputation but it won't let me right now! I just didn't want anyone to think I was lying about my circumstances...
  13. Hi Rainbow Moon - I'm a bit worried about my thread in that it will scare other people! One reply did say that they have read hundreds of threads about court cases and they don't go as badly as mine did! I'm still trying to work it out as you know, but I've had so much help from people on here and I'm sure you will get the same. All I can really say from my own experience is, IF you want to admit the debt and work out a payment plan, if it gets to court, take everything along with you, all your incomings and outgoings. Although if that is what you want to do then I guess it doesn't need t
  14. I'm self employed and work full time but I'm unable to take any wages from my business at present, hence I receive some benefits, and this is my only income.
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