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  1. I am at work at the moment and do not have any paperwork with me. I will check my files tonight and scan things found tomorrow. Thank you
  2. Default notice...yes Notice of Termination & Notice of Assignment...not sure, will check if they have but do not recall seeing these things. If they haven't done this, have they messed up? lol
  3. Hi Cerberusalert, The DCA have already contacted me....it is Credit Solutions Limited (CSL). They are the ones who keep calling me time and time again. They say they have written to me 3 times but i have only ever received 1 letter from them on Friday.....i replied to this on Monday so they should certainly have received it by now. I stated a few legal Acts and suggested they return the debt to Cap1 because it is now seriously in dispute. Thanks for your support....made me feel better knowing im not alone in my fight against Cap1 / CSL and the dreaded Ellie Renshaw!!!
  4. Debt Action Group > General Debt Issues CAP.1 & CSL DCA CAP.CRAP. and MORE From Travix....new thread...grateful of any support when needed. Thanks x
  5. Cap1 have now passed credit card account to Credit Solutions Ltd (CSL) who are phoning constantly. I have refused to go through security questions with them....explaining I will only communicate in writing to them. They are getting very very frustrated....i am polite and its killing them. They say they have sent me three letters already....ive only received one on Friday to which i replied to on Monday. I have already registered complaint with FOS but they say have backlog and will deal with it asap. Have heard though that FOS are deeming CAP1 to have complied with CCA if sent copy of cur
  6. Sorry Lynski.....and thanks Shadow xxx
  7. If I CPR 31.16 Capital One do I complete an N422 or N1 or both.....OR....should I just wait for them or the DCA to take me to court and then defend. What generally is the better option? I don't want to take on too much if i'm not sure what to expect. Read Davey77 thread complete with the tearing apart of CAP1 witness statement...it was great. Sorry to keep bothering you, just getting jumpy with all these phone calls. I have refused security information every time when DCA have called...they are getting very frustrated...i am polite which kills them even more! Do CAP1 absolutely have to h
  8. Are the DCA Credit Solutions Limited under an obligation to return the credit card account to Capital 1.....capital one do not accept that the account is even in dispute Thanks
  9. Ellie Bloody Renshaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi Shadow, Cap1 have not passed me to DCA...Credit Solutions Limited. They are phoning constantly even though I repeatedly tell them I will only communicate via letter. Only got letter from them on Friday and replied to them by Recorded Delivery on the Monday....they should get it today or tomorrow. Explained to them my belief that it should be returned to Cap1 because they have failed to resolve the original dispute and that the account is now in serious dispute. Did not make application for court action but said I would defend their actions with legal measures. I quoted a number
  11. Hi Yes there are charges / overlimit charges on the statements so will take this on board. There is no agreement with any personal details on it and definitely no signatures etc. Does have a photocopies of agreement and T&Cs but there is no reference to me on it at all. The exact wording on the letter is as follows: In response to your subject access request, I enclose copies of the personal data and all correspondence held by us of which you are the data subject. Also attached is a list of the terms used in this data. Please find enclosed a copy of your credit agreeme
  12. Hi Shadow, Saw you on line so thought i could ask for some advice. No agreement back from CAP1 after CCA S78 request and much correspondence. Made £10 S.A.R. request. Copy of application form and other garbled bits plus T&Cs. Says signed agreement and T&Cs separate and says something about signature not constituting agreement. Dont have the letter with me today, im at work. STILL NO SIGNED AGREEMENT.... what next??? Thanks
  13. Hi After getting nothing but T&Cs from Cap1 from CCA S78 request, I eventually made Subject Access Request for £10. Received pack from Cap1 yesterday.....signed application form....copies of phone calls....more T&Cs....letter stating signed copy of agreement does not constitute as agreement and that T&Cs are adqequate. Cant remember exact wording because i have left the letter at home whilst im at work. My point is there is COPY OF SIGNED AND EXECUTED AGREEMENT!!! What do I need to do next??? Thanks
  14. Another letter received from Cap1.....still supplied me with nothing except T&C....telling me to refer any further concerns to FOS. I have already registered a complaint. On 1st June 2009 I sent £10 postal order with Subject Access Request but dear old Ellie Renshaw has not acknowledged this at all in her letter. Ive now written back again highlighting their responsibility and the time limits in which to respond to S.A.R. That woman is really getting on my nerves now!!!
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