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  1. Forgive me if this is the incorrect forum, however, my work want to open a bank account for a social fund and the package they have requires two signatories, however, we want 3 signatories owing to the fact of holidays etc and they have asked me in my capacity as an admin manager to be one of the signatories. I know that I have a poor credit rating and do not really wish to be a signatory but I know that it does really fit with my role. My last wish is that I sign and we are refused the account owing to my bad credit, and the company will then know this which I want to avoid. Can a
  2. Thanks, absolutely, however, I have heard that his bark is worse than his bite!!!!! xxx Regards T
  3. Many thanks, I will consider this, however, I may wait and see if Mr Woof replies!!!! Kind regards Tom
  4. Had a telephone message from Restons today who still continue to harrass, I told them the following via e-mail, can anyone suggest anything else or should this do it? After all I am paying on time the required amount required by the court: "First of all, how dare you call me at home when I am ex directory? How did you get the number, this is pure harassment by a debt collecting assistant/clerk! Your behaviour, I consider, constitutes harassment and I now clearly state that I require all communications in writing. Do not telephone me again and remove any telephone numbers you hold
  5. Many thanks. I thought that I was right in assuming that I have no legal obligation to provide them with an income/expenditure sheet but its always nice to receive clarification.
  6. I pay £16.00 per month to MBNA via Restons who obtained a CO on my property! Restons are contantly nagging for a review and have just sent me a 3 page document to complete. I have replied by e-mail (my preferred method of comms with these Morons!) saying that no signficant changes to my circumstances. However, I would like to know if I have to complete the said form as I have told them if they want more money they must go back to Court. There is nothing in the Court Order mentioning any review! Any views would be most welcome.
  7. We are currently being hounded by these clowns from Cardiff!! Even though we are on a DMP and payments are up to date. I have today sent them the harassment letter. Hope it works.
  8. Many thanks folks, I have now sent a letter back to them using one of the templates suggested.
  9. Up until recently I paid Barclaycard £5.00 per month. However, they now tell me that this is not enough, I did agree to up this amount to £8.00 per month and they have now come back to me to advise that this offer is unacceptable. They do, however, state that it would be acceptable if I was to put this under a plan with a debt management company. I do not wish to do this and was wondering if anyone had any advice by way of a form of words that I can go back to Barclaycard with telling them that I cannot pay anymore than I am now offering.
  10. Many thanks all, I will take time to consider this.
  11. Thanks, but surely you would have to go to court in any event prove a debt unenforceable?!
  12. Are there any ex Debt Matters Ltd clients on here who have had to go over to Harrington Brooks who are having similar problems with these people. They have now taken two months payments from me but still fail to pay my creditors or even contact them. Talking to Harrington Brooks is like pulling teeth!! Anyone having similar problems?
  13. I do have quite a few creditors and would be ever so time consuming. I think I will just wait to see if they spark into action soon. Many thanks all.
  14. Sorry no, they just keep saying this when I continually call them. I just feel like we have been dumped and abandoned!
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