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  1. Hi, yes i do belive you do have a case, before you think about a pi claim i would first complain to the ombudsman. I would be happy to provide further details of the working ethics of cunningham lindsey as an ex employee, but not on a public forum... please issue me a contact email address where we can talk further. 8)
  2. Hi Hadituptohere, only two things that spring to mind from this is that the adjusters have not considered the contents section and then PP cover on your policy. Some adjusting firms will not look to offer cover for both sections and it maybe worth a phone call to the Insurers to confirm if there is a policy limit/condition to the pp cover of items in the shed/garage + are they happy to accept the fishing equipment as PP items.. refer to defination of a PP item (something to be worn or carried outside the grounds of the home). Heavily but politely point out that you have paid for the additional
  3. Hmmmm they dont make it easy for you, do they... even if the adjuster has since left the company i think your strongest route is that the adjusters (being the prefered company of the Insurers) have engaged liability on a deligated authority? this is what you are looking for on the dpa release... who were they acting for and who said 'yes' you are covered... does that make sense? EROS
  4. Hi.. If you mean issuing both companies a section 7.1 dpa then for £20 it could be worth it. Also thinking about the second letters to issue.. google who are the CEO's of the companies are and write to them directly, requesting that the complaint/review is done by the CEO. Dont use previous names... go to the top dogs certainly sounds like you have grounds to question their initial handling enjoy EROS:cool:
  5. OH PS...with regard to the 5650.00 cash payment they can offer a discounted amount if A: their supplier can supply like for like equipment B: supplied within a 'reasonable' time period otherwise the the insurer/loss adjusters should offer full high street cost from you own supplier. cheers EROS
  6. Hi. sounds like the adjuster has made a bit of a boo boo on the day and not advised you of the policy limit.. Did they ask to see a copy of the policy booklet as far as i know i dont imagine that they had a copy to hand. If i was you and if you are content on following this through i would A: issue a 'section 7.1 data protection act' request for information (google it) as you should request all electronic data like the site pack details completed by the adjuster on that day,all reports sent to the Insurers ie. prelimary report upto the final report, computer history notes supplied b
  7. Hi Nina12... sounds like a very stressful time, the above comments from wulfyn and other are very correct. when it comes to AA ( alternative accomodation) there is a limit. But if you parents where to kick you out the you would effectively be homeless as your home sounds uninhabitable... get the builders,adjusters, insurers to confirm that the property IS uninhabitable and then immediately request Like4Like accomodation.. ie it doesnt have to be a hotel/motel if the works are being held up request a short term lease on a similar property within the area..The adjuster and the Insurers have t
  8. Hi. seems like the Insurers have excepted the claim and agreed settlement. they may want some confirmation so they can close off the file. did your estimate have an VAT amount? If so they will need an invoice just incase mr VAT audits the files otherwise request the amount 'less VAT'.. Hope that helps Eros
  9. Hi again, back from work and thinking cap on. As I stated before that Esure has passed the claim to the adjusting company on a deligated or retained authority. Deligated being that the adjusters carry the claim through without return to the Insurer and retained being that they are only the to advise and report back to the Insurer. With Esure it is complusary for the Contents VAR to be completed and signed by the policy holder by/on the day of the adjusters visit so that the adjuster can complete a full work return and make the Insurers aware of any possible underwriting issues.
  10. Oh, just a thought could you tell me if the adjuster left a letter with you whilst on site and what the content was. The adjuster are set in place to engage liability on the Insurers behalf.. Must dash, late for work
  11. Hi. sounds like a frustrating claim... Ive got my thinking cap on but could you tell me if the Cunningham Lindsey adjuster or Esure requested you carryout a contents Value Added Risk for during the policy or prior to the Adjusters visit. Do you also have PP cover on your policy? and is the fishing equipment normally stored in the shed/garage or was it there for any particular reason that night. This my first day on the site so hopefully ill log in soon to see if we can get this sorted for you.. Many thanks
  12. HI. Its my first day on the site and already late for work but stumbled across your issue so for a quick reply i hope this will help. Standard policy there would be no cover as your insurers would simple decline the claim stating that the ring had been not lost but mis-placed and there is no cover for mis-placing something. If you had PP then yes the would be cover as theis section covers loss within and outside the boundarys of your home. having worked for Insurers and Loss adjusters I believe I would fight the corner that a specified item is also covered like the pp. its
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