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  1. Thanks for the reply dadtaxi The agreed payment arrangement was not passed over to First Credit. First Credit were asking for the full amount at first. It is my understanding that Halifax/Aqua did not keep ownership of the debt. All correspondence comes from First Credit now.
  2. Thanks dx I think I have cobbled together a suitable letter - does this sound okay? Also, should I send it to the person who responded to my SAR? Dear Sir / Madam , I now understand that the regime of fees which you have been applying to my account in relation to late fees and over limit charges, are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent Consumer regulations. I would draw your attention to the terms of the contract which you agreed to at the time that I opened my account. It is an implied term of that contract that you would conduct yourselves lawfully and
  3. Hi I have just been reading this post: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?840-Stop-your-bank-or-lender-breaching-their-instalment-agreement Last year I had a payment arrangement in place with Aqua Card, then out of the blue they passed the account to First Credit. Should I complain about this. It was quite stressful to come to an arrangement with First Credit. Advice/comments much appreciated
  4. Cheers, so do I send them the Prelim letter now? Can I just check what you mean by same MO as CCC's? With my SAR I did not receive a signed credit agreement, does this give me any defence against them?
  5. I looked at Reclaim Loan & Credit Card Charges linked from your signature DX. This appears to be based on bank charges. Should I send in the schedule of charges spreadsheet or file for Money Claim Online now?
  6. Thanks, I've filled in the sheet. It seems that Littlewoods don't charge interest on their charges. The only interest they have charged is on the extended terms items that I ordered from them. A quick search of other threads showed that they don't charge interest on the late/missed payment/collection charges. Should I just send them this sheet via recorded delivery with a letter requesting a refund and that no further unlawful charges are added?
  7. Ok, so I have the SAR. I have identified 11 £12 charges totalling £132 They have enclosed my credit agreement but it's not signed. Advice on how to proceed would be appreciated
  8. Hey Thanks for your reply John The lenders did not actually take the payments twice, it was an IT error by Lloyds TSB, £150 compensation agreed
  9. Hi I have just been checking my statements online and found that Lending Stream have overcharged me a total of £131.50, by taking repayments twice from my card. (See the attached statement) I have two loans with them: Loan 1: £215 initial loan Repayment Schedule 27 October 2011 £64.50 (£64.50 interest) 24 November 2011 £107.50 (£64.50 interest plus £43.00 principal) 29 December 2011 £94.60 (£51.60 interest plus £43.00 principal) 26 January 2012 £81.70 (£38.70 interest plus £43.00 principal) 23 February 2012 £68.80 (£25.80 interest plus £43.00 principal) 29 March
  10. Thanks everyone. I sent the SAR to Littlewoods eventually on 25 November. So the time is ticking for them to respond. I'm also paying them £1 per month
  11. Going to send NDR the SAR tomorrow, do I sign the letter or is printing my name sufficient? Just that there is a space on the template to write my signature. Is it ok to sign the SAR but not a CCA Request?
  12. Ok £1 it is , thanks for confirming They did not add charges as I was on a debt management plan. However, there's every chance that I have been charged before plan was accepted. I''m no longer with the CCCS due to a dispute with NatWest, (basically getting in the way of them freezing the interest). I maintained paying the amount around £7 a month they were getting from the CCCS. The debt is on my CRA file, though I have not checked it recently. I took out the catalogue around 4 years ago and the last orders on the account were about 2 years ago.
  13. Thank you dx100uk. I don't have all the statements. However, I checked them monthy and they have not been charging me fees since I have missed payments. I have only been charged a £12 fee when the NDR Money section of Shop Direct started dealing with my account (last month) I will send them a SAR at the end of this month (after payday) then I can enclose the £10 postal order. Probably a good idea as it might show hidden PPI? Can I ask what the reason behind paying £1 a month is? Is this just to show that I am not avoiding the debt?
  14. Thanks for your reply. My Credit Ref file just says that the account is more than 3 months in arrears. Well, that was the case last time I checked about 6 months ago. So is there any point in sending in a CCA Request? How do I go about finding out whether I have been charged PPI? I cant seem to find the template letters. Also, thanks Bazooka Boo, I think I will stick to £1 a month and no more income and expenditure for them
  15. Hello I owed Littlewoods around £1600 and had a payment plan directly with Littlewoods. I was paying what I could afford £8 a month as part of my income/expenditure from the CCCS. I have since been going it alone, negotiating with creditors and have payment plans in place with all other creditors. I am not using the CCCS anymore due to a dispute with Natwest. Littlewoods have now passed the debt to NDR National Debt Recovery Limited (of Orlando Buildings, Thynne St, Bolton, BL3 6AX) I have sent them a revised statement of income and expenditure, showing that I c
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