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  1. Love that second link. Clearly catching some numpty car driver using the bus lane. It made oi larf.
  2. Sorry guys but this was an uninsured driver and I for one am glad that he's going to have to face the consequences. What would have happened if he'd hit one of our cars? We'd have been out of pocket. I thought this forum existed to help motorists who have been wrongly targeted. Not people who just want to ignore this country's law and then find a way to wheedle out of their responsibilities once they are caught. Throw the book at people like this is what I say. If I ihave to pay Tax, insurance and MOT every year what makes these numpties think they can take the p**s and then expec
  3. Here's your law. Traffic Management Act 2004 Section 85. Prohibition of double parking etc.
  4. You can't fine them. Only send them an invoice.
  5. Another view that won't endear you to the courts or the law. From your original post it seems that your car has had this illegal number plate since last weekend (26/27 June) and yet you are still moaning about the fact that you are getting tickets despite having had a week to do something about it (perhaps move it to a friends drive etc. until you can afford the replacement plate). Maybe the local officers who are issuing the tickets think you are taking the mick in being aware of the contravention (by removing the tickets) but are continuing to flout the law by leaving the car exactly
  6. Stories like this warm the cockles of me dear ole' heart. Well done Sir for putting these shysters in their place !!
  7. What a Wally !! Ignore this muppet just like you should ignore the meaningless requests for money.
  8. And which Parking company would we need to google to find out who you are affiliated with? You are nothing but a scaremongering troll attempting to frighten people into paying these ludicrous demands for money and are worried that the greater number of people who are finding forums like these are going to drive your ****** companies out of business (once they find out these so called PCN's are nothing but worthless bits of paper) and hence are resorting to scare tactics in here. Tough luck me old son cus we are on to you !! And the more people that do find out about these racket
  9. There is no fight. Ignore what that muppet parklawguru () said (who only apparently joined in the last few days) as the wealth of experience and first hand stories on this forum attests to the fact that PPC's are money grabbing parasites who stand little to zero chance of ever seeing the inside of a court room. I myself have ignored the usual trail of faux parking "fines", solicitors letters, debt collectors letters (and all at great personal risk to my life/liberty/Credit Rating etc) and yet here I stand (well, sitting actually) unbowed and with a credit rating better than Greece!!
  10. When the court fine you a greater amount than the fixed penalty they should allow you to pay off the fine over a number of weeks/months. But at least you'll have had your (expensive) day in court. Or just pay the FP and accept that we live in Broken Britain where the Police will always go after soft targets cus it makes their end of month stats look good.
  11. Perhaps you should listen to the numerous voices on this forum that continually and daily say "This is not a fine, You owe them nothing, ignore their letters!". It may be tough for a law abiding citizen to act like this but these are money grabbing scumbags with no basis in law for their outrageous demands. Read up on all the other threads in this forum and stop worrying over nothing.
  12. Oh Purlease. It's a quid. SH1t happens. Pay it and don't sweat the small stuff.
  13. Ummm... Why would anyone send the original when that is their proof. I think you are barking up the wrong tree if you expect them to hand over evidence. Life is hard.......
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