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  1. I received no response to my letter dated 12th August, so have just completed and issued a claim on the monyclaim website, claim number 6QZ58739. The fee was £80, a bit more than I was expecting!
  2. Hello all. Just a note to give details of my case. I wrote asking for copies of all my bank statements on 31/5/06. I received a response dated 12/6/06 stating that I would receive the copies by 10/7/06. I received nothing so I telephoned on 14/7/06. I finally got the copies on 20/7/06. My charges total £538 - I thought this was a lot until I saw some of the other claims on here! I wrote my initial letter requesting repayment on 20/7/06. I received a standard response offering £40 in settlement today 12/8/06. I have written back today 12/8/06 rejecting this offer, demanding repayment and warning of proceedings being issued if I do not receive a cheque for the full amount within 14 days. I shall probably be back to ask for advice if I don't get what I want! Regards, Matthew
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