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  1. Settled with Brandon, the other one an offer is on the table but waiting for a response. Who is chasing you?
  2. No they relate to this year only. Yes I am concerned with what it could cost if I go down the solicitors route as I do not have enough to pay what the Creditor is asking let alone run up a large bill.
  3. They sent a copy of the agreement which was signed. The one for 15k the 14dat letter came from their solicitor. I am having a free phone call with a solicitor on Tuesday to talk over if they can help. But concerned that they may negotiate a lower offer but cost me 5k in fees to do so.
  4. Toddle2U You listed arguments above then stated: This does not contain all or the crucial arguments I was able to use as the forms you have signed are more stringent and clearly defined with regards to bring the PG to the attention of the person signing. Would you please let me have the full argument. My husband singed a Brandon Hire opening form in 2003 and form has Agreement in section E. So would like to dispute it on the basis of misleading etc. Any help would be great. They are currently claiming for 800 quid but have received more invoices due to off hiring after cease trading to t
  5. What sort of percentage would you suggest as an offer. One is 15k the other is now 1k Regards
  6. Yes, although the Brandon one does state agreement, dunno if I can use that as a defence?
  7. Hello, I have been reading this with great interest as today my husband has received a letter from Brandon Hire stating they were sorry to hear of the companies liquidation but would like to remind you of the account application form signed 11 November 2003. The copy was attached to the letter and it has "Agreement" under section E. Can you advise me how to respond to the letter. It's the first one where they give you 14 days to respond. Also we have Travis P Debt (No letter as yet) the account was open a similar time 2003 and we also have a Buildbase accou
  8. Can i just double check something before i copy and paste the letter of dispute. I am sending the letter to the Debt Collection agency saying put me back to the AA as its in ispute etc. Is this ok as i have not put it in dispute as yet? I applied for the CCA and not recieved anything, so do i aslo put in the official dispute letter to AA at the saame time?
  9. I sent of for the statments back in 2007 and went through the process upto the point of court then stopped. We recently got into financial difficulties so thought i we re-ask under the financial hardship, sent off a bog standard letter and then got a written response, saying thank you for submitting an income and expediture form etc and were sorry to hear of our current situation but after carful consideration they felt that these charges incurred in 2007 when our finances were not a problem. Words to that effect. Wondered what to do next.
  10. Wonder if anyone can help. I wrote to them to ask really nicley if i can have my £90.00 back they charged me for going overdrawn, back in 2007. Sent them my I+E and applied under the hardship rules. They wrote back to me saying sarry to hear you are struggling but at the time of the debt you were not struggling so they are not paying me any money. Any advise apart from lots of nasty words i could send them.
  11. Ha Ha, shame you diidn't live nearby then. I will wait in and see if they come. My husband also has a loan and took it out with them in 2004 via the internet, but do recall they send a courier with the cheque and you have to sign some forms. i sent off a Credit Agreement letter for him with a cheque not signed by him. I sent it on the 2nd April and got a proof of delivery, they have cashed the cheque and now assigned the debt to a debt collector, he is concerned that i he puts the account in query he is rocking the boat so to speak. So fir
  12. Sent these people all the income expenditure spoke to them on the phone, they call at least 6 times a day I ignore them now as they just want money, been paying an amount each month since Feb, now had a small letter saying were coming for a visit. Wrote back saying no point you have been getting all i can affird to give, I don't have to let me in do i? Will i look bad if they take this debt to court saying I would not allow the visit? They are expected today, i am at work so i expect them to come later today.
  13. I have heard nothing from both of my requests, one to egg one to AA finance. Both cheques have been cashed. Do i write a letter confirming that i want to put them in dispute? I know the AA one is going to be transfered to a Debt Agency. Funny thing with the Egg though. I initialled the letter and got my husband to sigh the cheque. The last letter i recieved from them a few days ago it had dear Mrs My husbands intials then surname, They have never addressed my as this before, its always been Mrs Full Name
  14. How will it be un-enforcable? I am going to write to all my old debts for a copy of the CA's then, I know my husband has an old egg card approx 2002 so i will ask for that as well. Thanks for you help.
  15. Hi I am new to the site, and I have spent some time looking around. So i have seen other posts on this but on searching today for them i got lost!! I have a loan with egg which i took out in February 2004. Now i have read that I can request a copy of my credit agreement. I have copied a letter from your templates. I just wanted some help really on this. In the letter do I not sign it in case they cut and paste my signature? I need to send a pound I know. I owe approx 700quid on it and I have paid a £1.00 as a token payment. Can I stop these payments if I have not signed the CA? If so
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