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  1. Thanks - I will read through and make contact with all parties - it's is just having the templates for each letter which would be helpful. I thought the Banks had to reimburse and come down on your side if the case for taking money from your account was proved to be fraudelant and under duress.
  2. Still collating information. Should I contact the Housing Association who employ these con men? Are there template letters to employers of Clampers etc. Can I put pressure on the bank to release the money paid by Visa Debit under duress to clampers? Are there template letters etc. Should I approach a solictor or CAB.
  3. Illegal Wheel Clamp Paymentdemanded with menace I wish to dispute the charge made on my account on March 2nd 2012 by Premier Parking Security Ltd. The £320 payment was made under protest in order to release a wheel clamp and associated Towing charge even though my car was not towed but lifted onto a vehicle behind my back whilst I got contact details from the London Housing Association where my son is resident. The reason I wish to be reimbursed is that the representatives of Premier Parking Security Ltd., demanded the money with menace and there was no legal foundation for the
  4. This is an extensive forum and I wondered if anyone can provide me with the definitive guide to overruling a Clamping injustice. What do I need to do to get my monies back. I feel as though I have been mugged. The banks say that I authorised the payment even though I was forced to pay to avoid further costs. The clamp was not even on when I arrived at the scene - they put it on whilst engaging me in conversation about how the tow truck had already arrived and was ready to lift my car. Then when I received the receipt they had charged me for the Tow truck and release. N
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