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  1. I have been receiving letters from Lowell recently. They have been recovering a debt for Barclaycard for some time now and they always refer to BC as their client. I have had an arrangement in place with them but it was interrupted as I had a few months where I could not make the payment. This site has given me the confidence to address the problem head on and I am looking for advice: Should I start with a CCA letter? If BC are their client I would imagine that they would not have the paper work and so after the 12+2 days - what happens? I would also imagine that BC would fin
  2. Please help, I cannot understand the various posts on the 6 year rule: Can you claim back bank charges from before this period? Does a bank / CC have to provide you with the info that is older than 6 years (again this site has given lots of useful legal language but I am not sure how successful any of it is)? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have recently been offered a short settlement on my two MBNA accounts. One was originally an MBNA account and one has been acquired by MBNA from SONY. The short settlement was attractive but more than I could afford and so they have agreed to reinstate a long running arrangement whereby I pay c£100 / month and do not apply interest and charges. I was broadly satisfied with this although £100 is a lot of money but this site has given me a new perspective. It seems that the accounts may be unenforceable and also, I am sure that a large proportion of the balances would have been made up
  4. I have various debt issues built over many years (most are under arrangements) and this site has encouraged me to address this once and for all. It seems that each separate debt / question should have its own thread and so I would like to ask the experienced members in this thread about a CCJ I have. The CCJ was issued in Jan 03 and when I reviewed my credit file today it no longer appears. I have not yet paid it off (I pay £100 / month) and it seems that 6 years after issue it drops off my credit file. This may seem like a silly question but do I still have to pay or after 6 years
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