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  1. I know of someone who had a loan from a pdl of £400. It now stands around £4000 and counting. I think he did try and set up a payment plan but they wouldnt accept any plan and the pdl increases the amount owing by app. £120 per month on month. Like wise I think he has a several hundred letters, emails warning him of impending doom if the loan isnt paid in full. Im sure at some point it has got to come to some sort of finale but when and how much they will claim is owed is anyones guess.
  2. Hi locutus, no criminal charges required for a claim under section 3. I have had a pm from lee saying he will look into it, however this happened before and nothing happened. He also refused to accept a payment and told me to contact a dca which I refused. I just wanted this sorted as quite frankly I'm tired of their nonsense. It's been going on months. Countless letters, emails have been a waste of time and effort and I'm now at the point of taking drastic action to resolve it. I've tried several times to setup a payment and its simply unacceptable to refuse it then use scare tactics against someone who's easily scared to obtain a higher payment.
  3. Harassment is a civil and criminal matter. Section3 allows for a civil remedy. Ive used it several times, all successfully.
  4. Just an update on this Complaints were made to ico, OFT, p2c and Natwest as the OC. Have had acknowledgement from the ICO and P2c. P2c state they are investigating. Couldnt care less what p2c say as POC's are being written as we speak and will be ready straight after new year.
  5. Well I'm very disappointed to say the least to have to resurrect this thread. As of today nothing at all has been achieved by starting this thread. No break down of charges provided. No payment plan setup Payment still being refused Vodafone have again passed the account on to a DCA who have today stated they will be paying my mother a visit over the christmas and new year period. It is totally unacceptable to knowingly threaten an elderly woman who is bed bound. Your actions are designed to cause fear, alarm and distress. You have absolutley no excuses as I have informed both vodafone and their dca of her condition. I have previously warned vodafone in writing and provided a letter before action that the actions of vodafone and their 3rd party representative by refusing payment and then waging a campaign of threats and intimidation amounts to harassment. It appears that vodafone will only understand a claim for harassment. So in the new year a claim for harassment will begin against vodafone pursuant to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.
  6. My brother in law is a claimant in a case where he sent the claim to salford. After defence was received he was sent an aq from salford and he returned it to them. The case has now been allocated to his local court. He isn't represented but still received an aq so not sure if point 7 is correct.
  7. The claim hasn't been issued yet and will be done on the 19th Dec. Thanks for the links to the oft, he will do that within the next couple of days. He is going to be complaining to the oc (natwest) as they are responsible for the actions of their third party reps also. Additionally he will be complaining further and again to natwest who ignored his complaints that he had lost his job and could not afford the overdraft fees. They added the fees which meant he went over the OD limit and they have continually charged £6 per day for the last 3 months. They refuse to help at all. Even ignored 2 seperate i&e forms. Any way the figure he is asking for is £1000 which is the figure ive always used for breaches of data protection although no claim has been issued as of yet. The claim wont cost a penny as he unemployed and is more than happy to commence..
  8. Flat mate had a letter from powerless 2 contact stating they would be making a visit about an account. He wrote the std letter withdrawing his consent for them to visit but they have ignored it and visited on wednesday just gone. However I went to the door and stated that I wasnt the person he was asking for. The p2c rep stated I must have been him as I came to the door. He didn't ask amy security questions or supply any identification and proceeded to discuss the account, arrears and tried to get me to speak to the oc on the p2c reps phone and take a payment. I told him I wouldnt be doing anything or even discussing the account and so he left in a huff. My flat mate is livid and has wrote a complaint to p2c and the ICO. However he is not happy with just doing that as p2c will just ignore the complaint and the ico are toothless. So he has issued a LBA for breach of data protection and intends to commence proceedings in 14 days from last wednesday. He want to complain to the OFT but I cant find the email address so does anybody have the postal or email address to complain to the OFT?.
  9. Does he not have the old phone still with the photos on? Did he ask the orange rep to transfer photos, contacts and other details to his new phone or just his number? The sim not working wouldn't affect the transfer of photos etc to a pc or similar device.
  10. It's 8% per annum worked out at a daily rate. It's the same rate as s69. So its your award x 0.00022 to find the daily rate.
  11. What I would pay is the 40.60 that is owed for the item. Then id have a think about the £5 odd listing and final fees. Do you want to be chased for such a small amount.?. If youre like me I'd tell them where to go out of Principe, however im silly sometimes and will fight just for the sake of it. If 5 quid buys you a quiet life then maybe just as Andy says chalk it up to experience.
  12. It seems odd that they told you the fees on the relist item won't be counted. I've never had this. It's always been that the seller fees were refunded at the time of refunding the buyer. What would happen if you decided not to relist. Have you tried posting on the sellers forum on ebay community? Maybe they know or have heard of this before.
  13. Why not ask for it back and if that's not possible ask for a contribution towards a replacement.
  14. It means letter before action. I have done this myself with parcel to go. They thought id give up until they received a court claim. Paid quite promptly after that.
  15. Changing air filter is part of the service. If you didn't tell them not to then it would be changed unless it was clearly an after market part such as a cone or honey comb filter.
  16. I have a k&n filter. I think they are over rated. Did you tell them not to change it? Did you want them to clean it instead?. It was probably dirty and not performing as well as the oem one that replaced it. As for mpg increase its negligible at best.
  17. I agree with you. Tell the supplier to credit you first for the postage or collect it. You are not liable for the return cost legally or otherwise.
  18. This is kind of what was expected, 50 quid out of pocket expenses as a gesture of goodwill. They can do better than that if they are sincere, what about a free service thrown in?
  19. If there is nothing in your contract that allows for unpaid leave for lay offs then your employer should not be making payments under the guarantee pay but making full payment as if you were there and had worked. You need to go over your contract again to make sure there is no mention of reduced work or lay offs and then approach your emloyer and ask them to explain why they are making payments under the guarantee pay and not making full payments.
  20. Only just seen this thread and don't know how i missed it. this is really good news, I like these sort of threads esp when someone has been treated so unfairly.
  21. Personally I would let his mechanic fix the suspension and pay 110 for tyres and wipers and get it through the Mot. Then as a separate issue deal with the clutch problem. I have to say though that the dealers comments which refer to his non responsibility after 3 months is way off the mark. And although soga is far from clear cut, the word 'deemed' is not for interpretation when applied to point of purchase. As always there is a compromise result somewhere, if you can get the suspension fixed for free as offered and you pay for your own tyres and wipers then you are getting a fair offer. All you need then is a fair compromise on the clutch, if thats possible then a result all round. If a bit of pressure whether legal or not is needed to help achieve a compromise on the clutch then so be it. Lets not forget that the dealer did state it had recently had a new clutch which was clearly stated to mislead and get a sale. As for some quoting age of cars as if it makes a difference, well mine is 20 years old and probably in better shape then most cars 3 years old.
  22. Ebay fees and paypal fees should be refunded by ebay and paypal as no transaction took place. The only out of pocket expenses should be one way postage. EDIT: what paypal fees? did you click the refund button on the transaction in paypal for the sold item or did you make a separate payment through paypal to refund the buyer?
  23. I had this exact problem with virgin mobile. I had made payments for upto 2 months in advance by card but because I would not give them bank details for payments beyond the 2 months they cut the service. We came to a standpoint after the 2 months as I wouldnt pay until they restored service and refund me 2 months fees for non service I had paid for and not received. They defaulted the account. When I get the time or inclination I will litigate for the amount of lost service for the remainder of the contract which is what they claim is owed to them and removal of the default.
  24. Mars bar? Mr wiggles junior and senior should be treating you to your favourite place to eat, and non if this wetherspoon stuff.
  25. Yes you can. Go through their compensation procedure. Claim for all of your loss which is 297 plus 7. They will probably only pay 250. Accept that but not as full and final settlement. Send lba for remainder outstanding. They will either ignore or refuse. Issue small claims for remainder. They will pay as its not worth defending. That's it.
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