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  1. Wha...?! They wrote saying that they 'dont have the T&Cs from when you opened the account'? A site administrator needs to take note of this and collate the dates that accounts where Amex say they 'dont have the T&Cs from that time' were opened. Another Amex thread starter has had what appears to be a similar form, with copies of T&C pages from elsewhere supplied. My reasoning is that if Amex dont have T&Cs from that time, they just dont have T&Cs from that time - for all customers who opened accounts then. Too complicated to organise...?
  2. I'm in exactly the same position (though I've not yet responded to Amex's provision of the signed application form). Does anyone know the answer? Does the signed application form they've supplied constitute an enforcable agreement, or not? If it really is the case that the thousands of us out there who have signed an Amex application form are legally obliged to pay, please, please, please someone say so! None of us want to go to court, cock-a-hoop and cocky, only to find that these signed application forms are perfectly enforcable, after all. Anyone....? (Please....?)
  3. Hi everyone - a first-time poster, so please, go easy on me and apologies in advance if this issue has already been dealt with elsewhere. CCA'd Capital One around the middle of May - they've come back to me (just) within the statutory timescale, with a simple copy of their standard T&Cs (rather than a 'properly executed', signed agreement). My initial response? Yay! They dont have a 'properly executed' agreement! However, they go on to state: "In adddition, your personal details, the signature box, signature and date of signature have been omitted from the copy provided as permitted under Regulation 3 of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copy Documents) regulations 1983." My gut feeling is that they would have provided a properly executed agreement if they had one (and I will now respond with a letter outlining: 1. That they are obliged to supply me with a copy of a properly executed agreement 2. That the account is now in dispute However, it looks as though they could just keep coming back to me with the same standard line (essentially, that the mysterious 'Regulation 3' allows them to omit my signature from what they supply). I'll be asking them to tell me whether they actually have a properly executed, signed agrement, of course - but I'm kinda worried, nonetheless. ANY help gratefully received!
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