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  1. it is on here... i got it from here... keep searching..... That woman also does Debt stuff aswell...
  2. Hi... i cant beleive what i'm reading.... they havent been to my house since i complained.. months ago.. i havent paid them for months either.. but i suppose its because i want them to take the car.. because i dont want it they cant threaten me with anything. Talk to that lady who i have posted details on here... she may be able to offer some advice... have you been to the CAB yet? They can come round all they want... they cant do anything without a warrent which they would have to obtain from a Court.... Just tell them they are tresspassing and if they dont leave the property you wi
  3. this lady deals with mis sold PPI no win no fee and collects fee & charges from welcome.. not you good luck KAREY IRVING MORTGAGES LTD 44 The Croft Sherburn Hill Durham DH6 1QL 0776 5607670 0191 3722667 fax/phone karey.irving@btinternet.com
  4. Hi all.. I cant find the letter from the PPI guys... but this lady phoned and emailed me... sounds really nice and also does no win no fee and will charge all fees to Welcome.. Take care and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE (i know it says morgages but she also claims mis sold ppi) KAREY IRVING MORTGAGES LTD 44 The Croft Sherburn Hill Durham DH6 1QL 0776 5607670 0191 3722667 fax/phone karey.irving@btinternet.com
  5. I will post tomo this solicitors link... costs you nothing and will take the stress out.... The welcome guy who rang me the other day... he had no idea what hit him lol.... because with County Court, you dont involve solicitors.. you just fill out paperwork, send it to the courts and then they issue welcome with the hearing date.. this guy tried telling me that i was lying cos they had received no letters from a solicitor... i called him an idiot... and that i wanted to talk to someone who was experienced not a trainee lol i really upset him.. i asked him again why my car is still on the
  6. Hi Sol.. just posted some stuff below..... Sorry not been here for a while... I have started County Court proceedings & will post a link 2mo of a solicitor who deals with mis sold PPI no win no fee and charges Welcome their fees direct... Will be back tomo...
  7. Sorry not been here for a while!!! I have found these solicitors who charge a no win no fee on mis sold PPI and they also claim back ALL charges & fees direct from Welcome... will post link tomorrow. I have also completed and sent all the forms off for the County Court to claim compensation for their Breach of data protection.. will keep everyone posted.... The last i heard from Welcome was mid march... they plucked up the courage to ring me the other day.. of course they got some abuse as they tried to tell me they had closed the dispute even though i last sent them a letter 31st Mar
  8. Write back to "the manager" and tell them not to waste your time any more. Tell them what you want to happen with regards to them entering the building and having both of them bully you like that. Tell them you are on this web site.. tell them everything you are doing or will do if they do not bring this matter to their urgent attention. As far as PPI, how did you get on with those web site's?? Tomo i will be writing a letter to the FOS.. i cant belive i forgot about them. I found with Shopr i had to register again and it came through straight away. Good luck... keep me posted
  9. Also, do a letter to all your local papers...
  10. Hi, firstly send a letter to "the manager" CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP CENTRE WELCOME FINANCE BISHOPS HOUSE ABBEYFIELD ROAD LENTON NOTTINGHAM NG7 2SZ I originally got a template letter from PPI Reclaiming Guide: Get £1,000s back on loan insurance... Also send to OFT, CONSUMER DIRECT, INFORMATION COMMISSIONERS OFFICE all this can be found above Keep me posted with how you get on... Also please email www.shoppr.co.uk i have done this today
  11. Ive been on http://www.shoppr.co.uk/index.asp and am waiting for them to publish what i have sent them about Welcome and also waiting for them to get in touch with those idiots and see what their reply is... C'mon everyone, if everyone on here puts in their complaint more might be done in our favour
  12. lol.... "aint no stoppin me now" check this web site out... C'mon everyone... lets show them that we mean business!!!! We wont get pushed around by them... NO WAY!!!!! Shoppr
  13. check out Information Commissioner's Office - ICO my letter has been sent http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/library/data_protection/practical_application/taking_a_case_to_court.pdf they have 14 days to settle my compensation claim or i will take it to Court, they have broken the law and they will pay.. there quick enough to chase us for money ay??
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