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  1. We have been using a well known courier company for nearly 3 years in June they lost a parcel, in September they lost two more In total they owe me over £140 I now no longer use them for my parcel delivery I have spoken to their head office (they are a franchise) and have now got to the point when legal action is the only course left Do I need to go down any special route, or can I simply send them a LBA - eg -do I have to write to them requesting payment of what they owe 1st, then follow up with a LBA. Also they have charged me a 'minimum invoice surcharge'
  2. Hi 3 weeks ago my father passed away leaving an estate of about £600,000 (most of this is in joint names with my mum house, savings etc) My father always had Lloyds bank looking after all his money who invested it on his behalf. My father made Lloyds bank executors of the estate - named in his will. Last week, a few days before the funeral one of Lloyds managers came out to see my mother and I and told us that the fee was going to be 3.5% which was approximatly £4000. The lady collected a load of certificates from us to get ready to start administering the estate, prob
  3. hope someone can help answer the following questions My father recently passed away, and he had a will and left it all to my mum, and he made Lloyds bank executors of the estate. they are also dealing with all the administration probate etc. 95% of the money was held in joint accounts, the house is also in joint names. therefore the only money that was in my fathers name was a few peps and a few stocks and shares amounting to approx £80,000 Lloyds are charging 3.5% so will cost about £4000 and they reckon it will take about 6 - 12 months to finish. My question - the
  4. what about all other out of pocket expenses - we had to do a 2 x 100 mile round trips as well - we have found another puppy - which is less than the original
  5. THANKS for that - i guess once a cheque has been cleared it can't be stopped at all ?
  6. Hi Can someone give us some advice... We recently decided to get a puppy, found a breader who had 4 pups 2 girls / 2 boys, we wanted to buy one of the boys - we was told that it wouldn't be a problem Breader said they would keep one of the pups, probably a girl, so we could have a pick of the rest. many visits, photos etc later - our daughter aged 6 really excited we were supposed to be picking up the pup at 10 weeks old on 26th March. We then hear that the pups won't be coming to us until middle of April as the breeder couldn't decide which to one to keep. Spoke
  7. thank you - it does - i have also found out that working tax credit isn't taxable either !
  8. Sorry if this is a really stupid question... we run a Ltd company - and have managed to make a profit this year. We have been claiming child / working tax credits and want to understand how to work out the income..... A couple of questions .... tax Year ending 2010 I earn't £4500 - no dividends from company tax year ending 2011 (may) I received £4560 lump sum child/ working tax credit for previous year (2010) as we hadn't claimed anything, as didn't know our income. tax year ending 2011 £4836 working tax / child credits paid to us. Earnings will be £4500 + dividend w
  9. Hi yesterday I signed up for an internet company to sell my products. I gave my debit card details for payment, and signed the agreement. I think that I have made the wrong decision, I understand that I have a 7 day cooling off period. As I have signed the agreement does this still stand, my products arent even entered into their system yet thanks
  10. Hi I know that this forum is mainly directed for consumers, but I wonder if anyone can help give us some advice We have a product made from a local company who basically have mucked us about telling us lies and giving us excuses. Basically we were told that for our product to be made would be a lead time of 1 month, so we put an order in with them late January, since then we have had excuse after excuse as why we havn't got our product (we have got approx 30% of it. We eventually had enough on Tuesday and said enough is enough, if we dont have our goods by friday, then w
  11. thankyou feebee - you have it correct. I guess im going to have to see a lawyer about it - but as fat as i understand it - it is theft. Ive offered to pick the item up, from anywhere to their convienence, even asked if the person who it should have received it can collect it. but they are refusing some people !!!!
  12. thanks (the above bit about the name was a typo) I understand the bit about unsolicited - but as it wasnt addressed to them, nor had their address on the label, how can they say that. It was a simple error, and just can't beleive these people !!
  13. Hi Advice please we sent a package out to a customer - who say they never received it - even though the tracking shows delivered. However the name on the electonic signature isnt the persons living there, so all that i can imagine is that its been sent to the wrong address. Ive done a bit of detective work, and found a person living in the next road with the same name (its quite unusual) I phoned them up and spoke to them asking if they had a package delivered, and they admitted that they had. Unfortunatly they are refusing to give it to the correct person or return it to
  14. tHANKS FOR THE REPLIES the problem is that the zip teeth come apart below the zipper so you pull the zipper to the very top to get warm, and then the zip comes apart all the way down with the zipper still at the top really annoying as the sleeping bag wont stay up !!
  15. but coleman said themselves that there soft goods have a 2 year warrenty - i have this in writing, the sleeping bags are about 14 months old, and have been used 12 times, when the zip broke, why should i have to prove that they had an inherent fault - a product should be fit for its purpose, a sleeping bag that has lasted a dozen sleeps clearly isnt
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