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  1. To just update on this, my husband called again and explained our problem, we got a much more helpful person on the phone who has given us free caller ID on our bill and they have reimbursed us for the calls we made back to the offending callers to ask them to stop ringing and will continue to until we stop getting these calls. We were also given a £30 credit as a 'goodwill' gesture. We are also to report any numbers who call us again even though we have explained we are not the people they are after and should have taken us from their call list to Virgin. We have received only a couple o
  2. Hi, this is the second time in 2 months this has happened and I have had it happen on previous occasions. Every other time I have called and explained and they have refunded me without hesitation and apologised. Today I call and explain that they have charged me default sums again and got a girl who told me they wouldn't refund me because it takes 7 days to clear, even though I explained the money cleared from my bank the day before it was due, she told me my bank can recall that money 7 days after they've received the cheque. I explained the money had left my account the day before but s
  3. Sorry to bring this back up, but did the above advice work? We recently changed providers, from Sky to Virgin, during this time, one or the other messed up (neither obviously will admit it) and we couldn't keep our old number and had to get a new one. We are getting phone calls for the previous person who had this number, although we constantly tell them we have had this number since just before xmas and we have no idea who this person is and would they stop calling, they still do and recently are increasingly rude! We seem to get a lot of calls from a collection agency/Natwest. We were b
  4. Ok sorry to drag this up from the depths. We have still had amounts coming out of our account over the last couple of months so we've looked into it and eventually got some sense-ish out of 3. They failed to properly cancel the fraudulant contract, which to me is unacceptable! They have eventually, so they say, terminated it now.Hubby will get a refund, so they say, 'when they've looked into it'. I could be totally wrong but things are flashing up that worry me. Firstly it takes my husband being quite firm in the end and at least 20 minutes to get the woman to terminate his contract
  5. Well as it turns out someone has fraudulently tried to get a phone on his account. They only cottoned onto this two hours after sending out the phone. 3 have cancelled the phone. My husband asked how the unknown person managed to just ask for a new phone without an account number, and apparently all they needed to confirm was his name, address, postcode and date of birth. No password was needed! It was only after they realised that the account was actually going to be cancelled did they look further into it. Amazingly when he called the advisor attempted to sell him an upgrade! It wa
  6. My husband received a letter from 3 today saying they have received an application to upgrade his account but the details they received makes them think it was someone trying to impersonate him. It goes onto say that if it is established that it's a fraudulent attempt they will place a marker against our address and record it with CIFAS. He contacted them a month ago to cancel his contract as it was due for renewal and he no longer wanted to stay with them, it is due to finish within a few days. My husband asked me to look into it, but obviously they aren't going to speak to me
  7. Just an update, SUCCESS! They can prove I was wrongly advised and I have been taken off the fixed price plan so I can move onto another tarriff or change suppliers! I was sure I would here nothing after the first email, but seems I was proved wrong.
  8. Ah as far as I know they surfed then from a laptop, but I will double check. I just had a look at what they said they got and it does say to your phone. Does look like human error. A costly one!! He has never received a call from the supervisor and even though it seems it could have been the wrong add on, where is the one they purchased and why have the subsequently been told it takes 24 hrs to be activated when in terms and conditions it actually says it will be ready straight away.
  9. Sorry if this should be in internet. Husband has a mobile on 3. On Sunday we were away and my brother needed to use the internet, but as no signal for his own mobile my husband lent his. My brother knows his stuff about mobiles/internet computers etc and guided my husband through to buy an add on so that he could use the internet unlimited for £5. A message came through when they checked out to say add on bought, and £5 added to the bill. They clicked ok on the message and it disappeared. They then went on to surf the internet. A message for £10 came through, but was not seen u
  10. Thanks, I had a go but they just told me to persue it in form of a letter. I assume it was meant to try and claim charges back. I also had a bounced SO so total of charges this month are a staggering £132 I read that reclaiming bank charges can mean ending up in court, I'm not sure I could do that. I feel over a barrel so to speak.
  11. I think at a guess at the moment it could be about £120 ish. I got some charges back in 2006 and managed to get one refunded by just ringing up, they made out like they were doing me a favour, a 'good will gesture' as they put it at the time. I only started getting charges in January since then, but I think £98 for what has happened is ridiculous! I'm just worried this is going to spiral into something worse as we are literally just keeping our heads above water at the moment as it is without being slapped with this stupid amount!
  12. ARg help!!! I've got a big overdraft on my current account which gets paid off just each month when the hubby is paid then we are straight back into it Halifax have paid out 2 bills that have taken me over the overdraft limit, so I've been charged two lots of £35, then underneath that, the letter told me I would also be charged £28 for being over my over draft limit! I've had a few charges recently due to the lovely recession hitting us hard, but Halifax have never paid an item if I my overdraft was reached before. The times before I had the payment rejected and just paid the
  13. Hi, I've had an email today, they are trying to trace the call as I wrote down the date and time, unfortunately not the advisers name, but they are going to track down the call. We are locating the call taken on the *date* at or around *time* with the agent you spoke to. Once the call is located I will be able to listen to the call. If the gentleman did say that the price will not go down, I am happy to take you off the price protection 2011 without any charge. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. This is not the experience we would like to provide ou
  14. Sorry, not much advice, but my mother-in-law had her car repossessed by Yes Car credit. The car was a wreck when she got it and was forever being repaired. I'm not sure how long ago, but she received a letter from someone trying to recover the debt and the amount had added to over £11K for an R reg Corsa. They seemed to be an extremely dodgy company to me, charging well over the odds for cars that were no good.
  15. I went onto the fixed price in September 2008 time, so I suppose that maybe I'll be fighting a losing battle. I've done some looking into switching suppliers and with one particular supplier I can save £270 per year so it may be worth just paying up with British Gas and moving on
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