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  1. I recently received a parking ticket for parking outside the box - was guilty as hell (they had photos to back the charge) so I paid the £30. Some time later I was showing my ticket to a friend of mine, he noticed (in his opinion) the letter format for my registration mark on the ticket was not correct. I had not noticed this but on closer inspection the letter O was shown as 0. Since I have three letter O in my reg, which on the parking ticket showed as 000 not OOO. I took legal advice and sure enough my ticket was cancelled despite the Council claim that since I had already paid,
  2. Thank you all for responding, I have now posted a statue barred letter to DCA, once I am in receipt of reply I will post the contents ... thank you again
  3. I have tried looking for the statue barred template letter but could only find one for Scotland. Is there a link for the England/Wales version ... appreciate your help ... thank you
  4. Thank you for your replies, I will go ahead and send the statue barred letter. In regards to a different matter, you may note I joined very recently and made a donation. I note accounts are named ... basic account etc .. how does one elevate my account, just a question since I cant find any information in regards membership status ... once again thank you ... brilliant website ps: I noticed the attachments were very small so I had posted links to the letters also ..... http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv143/01lifeisablast/1.jpg http://i678.photobucket.com/albums/vv
  5. Received a demand for payment from BuchananClark&Wells for a debt I do not owe. In 1997 I purchased a computer from Time Computers including a Cash Back Scheme whereby if I did not make any claims for repairs I would receive my cash I paid back. Anyway as everyone knows, Time Computers went bankrupt and needless to say I did not get my cash back. Recently I received a letter from BuchananClark&Wells demanding payment for a debt I owe Time Computers Ltd. Although I knew I did not owe them a penny, I choose to ignore the threatning letters because if nothing else the
  6. thank you for your remarks, looking forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge.
  7. Hi I am new to this forum and one of my tasks tomorrow will be to donate to your worthy cause ... that's the formalities over with ... I am not sure if this the right Forum to start this thread .. anyway here goes ... I am sure in the current recession that are countless people out there having difficulties with their tax returns and demands. It was not long ago I faced banckruptcy where the Inland Revenue was petitioning me to be made insolvent. They claimed I owed in excess of £50K in tax. I spent years fighting my case and over the years learnt a lot about the system. I
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