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  1. Hi Swa2009 Firstly youve come to the right place, Im not an expert and not confident in advising on aspects as serious as this. However, I can assure you, you are not the only one in this predicament, and I understand exactly what you are going throught, it is hard and depressing, I felt the same as you, felt like complete SH*%&T day in day out, the only advice I can give you, is read throught the many different threads on here, and someone with more expereience will surely help you, like theyve helped me, and I know its a cliche, but things will improve and that light at the end of t
  2. Hi, Mentioning forged signatures, I CCA RBS, and what they sent back well confirms everything that is written above. They sent me a loan duty check list with my original signature, and the T&Cs there was a signature, but guess what it wasnt mine, I used that "fake signature" when I last corresponded with them, bearing in mind the latter signature contained a scroll of SP, whereas my initials are SI, work that out.
  3. Sparkie, So does that mean, because its not signed, its seen as a gift, and a gift you dont give back, that would be rude, wouldnt you say. It may take me a while, but I will get to your wave length, cant promise when though. Or have I just missed a serious link somewhere, thats me out on the first round. Khadzay
  4. Ye of little of faith Sparkie Why is it when the banks do something wrong, (illegal) its seen as a admin error when the consumer goes against the admin error, it seen as " we will strike you down, how dare you take us on" Who are you, dont you know who we are.
  5. I have scrutinised the Credit Agreement they have sent me and quote a paragraph from the Agreement. T&C Para 15. ss (a) The provison of the agreement to the customer is not a commitment by the Bank to lend. The bank will not be obliged to provide the loan until a) THE AGREEMENT IS SIGNED ON BEHALF OF THE BANK. I cannot see any signature on behalf of the bank, apart from on the Loan Customer Duty Care Check list, which is intialled. This I take is seperate to the actual Credit Agreement.
  6. It wasnt for a subject access request or CCA, i was writing to them telling them I cannot pay the agreed amount, and this letter went to Credit Management services.. Telford. Im 100% sure they received it as 2 days later Apex Credit Management (DCA) contacted me mentioning my latest correspondance. And that is when I used a unique signature, i.e My first name is S and surname is I, the "fake" I used was SP in a scroll, work that out. Is there anyway I can show someone on here the 2 sheets with the different signature, without comprising security.
  7. Hi I think Im another one of their victims, I CCA RBS and within the time limit, they sent me a what can only be described as a faxed microfiche photcopy. If you look carefully, the Customer duty of care checklist is signed, they have sent me terms and conditions, which is not signed by them nor is it dated by them, however its signed in the customer box, though the signature is different to the duty of care check list, the signature on the T&C I used when I last corresponded with them, and this signature was done deliberately. The last sheet which they have sent me, is the fin
  8. Hi Are you able to post your credit agreement, as I also requested my CCA, and received the reply you sent. I also recieved a signed copy of duty of care check list, a seperate sheet highlighting the Terms and Conditions, with a different style of signature as to the duty of care check list. And a sheet highlighting financial information, which is hand written and looks recent in comparison to the other two sheets. I know I have gone on a bit, have a look at what I have posted, under search type in Khadzay it shoud all be there
  9. Dodgy is not the word, it contained my signature on the duty of care check list, however on the prescribed terms, the signature is completely different, its the one I DELIBERATELY used when I last corresponded with them, and its come from the paperwork has come from Credit Management Section, I beleive to be in Telford Also the prescribed terms is not dated, nor is it signed. Any further help is truly appreciated
  10. Dont know whether this is posted in the right group, but would REALLY appreciate some help. Getting sick with worry Someone please:idea:
  11. And final sheet is the financial information, which if you could see what they have sent me looks recent and the colouring is different. Also the signature in the Customer Duty of care checklist and the signature on the terms and conditions are different, ( I have erased these)[/img]
  12. This is the terms and conditions, which are difficult to read, and has no bank signature on their nor is it dated [/img]
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