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  1. Send them a letter saying CITI are in DEFAULT of your CCA request by XXXX months/YEARS, dont contact me again until this request is fulfilled, Consumer credit act etc etc I did this last month with them and they have gone away, There just some bottom of the food chain debt agency thats bulk purchased a load of CITI debt last month
  2. LOL Got the same letter last month, just crossed it thru and wrote CITICARDS are 1 year 3 months in default of a CCA request, please feel free to chase them up but dont write to me again unitl you have....... Not heard anythin since !!!!
  3. Just thought id update this thread This debt was written off by amex 6 months ago, They Sent me confirmation in writing after i refused to go away lol, took 5 letters demanding it be removed from my credit report after the STAT DEMAND Fiasco before they did tho!!!!!!. Never heard anything since, and its now gone from my credit report. However, its worth noting, AMEX were, BY FAR, the most aggressive company i dealt with throughout sorting my finances out. Completely unreasonable and seem happy issuing STAT demands without even checking if they have a CCA first. Also seem completely
  4. Time will tell, if anyone needs any help or wording for set asides due to no cca then drop me a pm, its a relatively simple process and to be honest ive learned a lot from the experience ( im no expert but ive been thru the process ) Stat Demands are pretty scary things when you first get them, but its important to understand that they can be dealt with quiet easily. Interestingly, once i filled my set aside it took the court 3 weeks to reply with a court date, then the court date was then a further 6 weeks from the date of the letter. -- I get the impression that set aside hea
  5. Hi Yes, i had this set aside. Reason - no valid cca. The court set a date and sent westminister a copy of my set aside notice. Westminister then sent a letter to the court agreeing the set aside and the file was sealed by the court. I didnt have to go. They seem to have passed it to another DCA now, i wrote to them last week explaining i will not be paying anything until they provide a legally binding agreement. - They still havent!!!!! Thanks for the help everyone
  6. Oh and when i recieved the SD from westministers it was sent from RMAs postcode. Obviously the same company or closely linked
  7. Hi Ive had lots of dealings with Westministers, they seem to love Statutory Demands. They sent me a SD a few months ago for a MBNA debt, i then applied to get it set aside ( no valid cca ) and once a hearing date was given Westministers sent me a letter saying they have withdrawn it. I still went to the hearing and claimed in excess of £500 costs against the idiots. They didnt turn up. I had similar letters to yours before they issued the SD. I would nt worry too much about them, if you fancy a laugh give them a ring, they always sound stressed out and overworked and neve
  8. Hi I lost my job last year and have been struggling with mort payments. As of last month i was 2 months in arrears, i contacted direct line and arranged to get the arrears paid within 4 months via an extra direct debit. Ive paid the 1st of these last week, however my main payment got bounced last week. i intended on ringing on monday and paying this by phone and continuing with my regular payments however i recieved a letter this morning asking for the total amount outstanding i.e 122K. As of today i am 2.5 monthly payments in arrears This action seems really harsh
  9. sorry one more Q If i write to Westminster saying that the account is in dispute and i enclose the letter from rma confirming this i suspect they will set it aside. I know i am prob getting ahead of myself a bit, but, if this happens do i still need to file a defense to the court to have it set aside The reason i ask is i read on a few threads that the creditor does not have to send these thru courts to issue them and seem to fire them out as a attempt to get you to pay some money. Therefore how will the court know about the SD. cheers everyone and happy easter weekend
  10. Ok ive done some reading Im going to apply to have the SD set aside because 1. No response to CCA, therefore the account is in dispute 2. No explanation of the £2000 charges applied to the account given - i requested this along with the cca I also have a reply from RMA in response to a harassment desist letter i sent them. It states " We have noted your request for a CCA and have placed your account on hold until this has been completed" This was sent to me on the 1st of this month and i have still not recieved my cca Is all this enough???? And do i need to notify wes
  11. thanks for the reply banker gonna go and grab somethin to eat then spend the evening researching. I cant believe how low Amex will go!! They havent even replied to my cca cheers for the link mate:)
  12. Hi OK so im still waiting on my cca however today i recieved a statutory demand from westminster solicitors and im pretty worried now How do i deal with this?? Should i write to the solicitors and tel them that i have not recieved my cca as it will be 16 days when the posts starts again ( tues) Also do i have to write to the court as well with my reasons to set aside??? Reasons being - I havent recieved my cca within the required timescales I havent had a explanation of the charges applied to the account ( 2200 pounds a few weeks ago ) Shou
  13. cheers mate:) Makes me feel better:)
  14. Ok here is a timeline of events, for info 10 year card, faultless payment history for 10 years UNTIL - ( due to redundancy ) 1st Jan - Missed Payment 1st Feb - Missed Payment, rang to arrange ower payments - refused 7 March - recieved a letter explaining if i didnt pay within 7 days my account will be cancelled 15 March - Recieved a statement quoting, account with collections please pay the full amount by the 1st april Today - recieved a letter from westminster solicitors ( acting for rma apparently, even tho ive never had a letter from rma! it was post marked the 24th ).
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