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  1. Hi All As you can see been over 2years since i heard from this lot, thought id escaped them. Until today a letter arrived asking for me to validate my own details. I know this is for the suposed O2 debt i had in 20/5/2005, whicjh has how fallen off my credit file. What ground if any do the have to contact me, i understood that after the 6year period this debt could no longer be enforced. Cheers Stu
  2. thank you all, i shall deal with them when i finish work . cheers ill update once ive sent it all.
  3. Is this also the same for scottish law?
  4. sent the above letter on 15/4/09, which the received on 16/4/09 and heard nothing back which i thought was good news until today. Received another letter threatening doorstep collection within 10days what is my next step with this lot. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks stu
  5. Today 13th April received a letter from mackenzie hall (i shall scan it tomorrow and post letter up), Failure to responed letter for robinson way SUM of £391.47. I think it for an O2 bill from April 2005 that i dealt with O2 with at the time and since then have heard nothing about it. What should i do next.
  6. Just been advised by experian that the dispute i asked them to query with Lowels cannot be removed BUT to contact lowels direct, very nicley they supplied the address & phone number for me. As of yet 13th April i still have had NO direct cotact from Lowels and therefore dont think i should have to contact them.
  7. shall i also have to send them a CCA request as this is PAYPAL and not C/c or loan
  8. thanks all sent a letter todat recorded deliver see if the get back to me with 7days, if the dont what happens next???
  9. Thanks for the replies, does anyone have a template letter to send to either office, Plus Lowells still have not actually contacted me at all yet!!!!!
  10. This Appears On My Experian Report As Starting 14/4/04, Does This Mean If By Chance Lowells Dont Contact Me By 14/4/09 That As I Am In Scotland It Will Become Statute Barred
  11. just rechecked experian, the account defaulted on 20/9/04
  12. i have never acknowledged the debt, took it to the police at the time for crime ref number sent that to cap1 and never heard anything back thought that end of it.
  13. No one free to help with a reply to this one at all
  14. also this shows on my credit report as being defaulted on 20/09/2004 as i am in scotland does this affect anything,
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