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  1. well thats what they say. its howard cohen that has stated court action.I dont have the letter i binned it.
  2. cl ianance are threating court action over a barclay card account i defaulted on.The account was taken out ovet the internet in2007 and is one of those agreements that you don actually sign you just tick in the box to say you agree to the terms an conditions.Can they still take me county court as they wont have a signed agreement.
  3. Hi guys needing some advice i have recived a letter from trevor munn solicitors satating they will be issuing court documents in 10 days.I have sent 3 cca request letters to arc which they have refused to send me one as i have not signed the request.I have sent a letter stating account is now in disute.What letter do i now send to the solicitor.
  4. Thanks for the advice much appreciated i'll send the letter off when the time scale is up and keep you informed of the outcome.
  5. I recently sent a cca request to arc for an account with egg credit card.They sent the postal order back and said it was my responsibility to obtain the cca from egg.I thought it was theirs to produce it as they are asking me for payment. Any advice will be appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the advice,ill probably just keep up the repayments.It just pi**ed me off that they put a default on my file when i was making the payments and none were never late.The oustanding balance is about £1600 do you think that i should offer them a settlement figure as they dont have a cca.
  7. The debt was for empire direct on buy now pay later finance.It took about 10-12 days for them to send a letter stating they could not supply me with the cca.They also said that if i didnt pay they could still issue default notices on my credit file which i dont want.Where do i stand on asking them to remove the default they have already put on as they can't provide me with a cca.
  8. I have recived a default on my credit file from apex for a debt that i was paying monthly for,i dont why they have done this as payments have never been late.I sent them a cca request letter to which they replied they could not produce one.Can i request them to remove the default as they cannot provide me with the cca.
  9. The debt is for empire direct for elecrical equipment.Have not recived any default or assignment notices.I didnt take any payment or insurance protection out.I thought after the 14 day rule they have defaulted themselves.
  10. Ive ripped it up,it was a phtotocopy of the original with signature and date.I thought that if they did not produce the cca within 14 days it was unforcable in county court.I phoned lrc and told them that the 14 days had expired in december 09 and they said they would talk to apex to see hiw they would continue with it
  11. On 15th of dec 2009 recived letter from lrc recoveries ltd demanding payment of £2500.Sent a cca letter on the same day which was signed for on the 17th of dec 2009.Recived the cca today on 25th march 2010 can they still pursue the debt as they have breached the 14 day rule.
  12. Hi i recived a phone call last week from ruthbridge threatining to come to my house where i live with my mother.Stupidly i phoned them back about the debt of £2500 saying i could only afford £20 per month they requsted i should send a cheque of a certain amount of money to stop people coming out to the house.I sent them the cheque but was wondering if i should still pay them the £20 per month. thanks
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