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  1. Hi As a single parent desperate to find a job (well not perhaps that kind bit too old!) seriously though I am far far worse off on JSA than I was when I was working but even when I was working I certainly did not earn as much as someone male or even female working 37 hours a week! As Mondeo points out where does this myth that all single parents are living the high life on their hundreds of pounds of benefits come from? I for one am exsisting on JSA every day is a struggle and now its seems we are damned if we dont work and damned if we do!! the fact that the media portray all lone mums
  2. Good morning! IDS has pretty hardline views when it comes to the welfare system and benefit claimants I for one not holding out much hope for compassion Jerry
  3. Hi I know what you mean its hard enough having to face the job centre but when youre older its worse! personally I think the whole system is in meltdown there is loads of good advice on here you certainly dont get much from the Job Centre 'advisors' lol anyway good luck with your job! Mags
  4. Hi Tilly Im in a very similar position and they do make the money up to the JSA level still have to sign on tho unfortunately! I work a few hours per week I fill in a form ( b7) each time I sign on to say what hours I have worked the previous fortnight. Hope you have better luck than me tho my hours changed in March and they still havent sorted it out! kind regards Mags
  5. Hi speedfreek, cheers for your reply I sent the info the day my hours dropped which was 6 weeks ago looks like I could be in for a bit of a wait then ! just hope it all gets backdated! mags
  6. Hi I am on JSA and work in a small part time job 6 weeks ago my hours reduced from 5 per week to 3 I informed the DWP and sent them all the info inc a letter from my employer confirming the change the job centre also faxed the details to DWP when I signed on Since then despite the JC sending b7s each time I sign and faxing even more letters from me several tel calls ... my JSA has not been amended This week I recieved a call back from the DWP office that I deal with saying that they do not handle change of circumstances, and they only had one letter from me 'in the tray which had been ac
  7. :)Hi cookiemonster Im really sorry to read of your problem I too have a similar one with DWP debt collection and social fund taking money from my JSA! their now taking over £35 a fortnight not quite so serious as you bit its a big chunk out! Crazy thing is when I was working last year they only asked for £20 a month from me and were happy with that the moment I was recieving JSA they upped it I have tried to get it lowered but with no luck I have a debt on my electic so I have had a key meter installed they take £5 a week towards the debt Im with eon and they were very good and h
  8. Hi Monx Thanks I will send them a statement of means and see what happens after a while many thanks Mags
  9. :)Hi all I need some advice I am on JSA and I am a parent. I dont get the full amount as I have a small p/t job so I recieve £74 a fortnight £19 is already being taken off by debt department for an overpayment ..I have tried to get this lowered bit with no luck despite the fact I have sent three letters and have had no reply. Today I have got a letter from DWP wanting to take off yet another £15 a fortnight for a social fund loan which leaves me hardly anything to live on I just dont know what to do It would be near £30 taken off in all I am happy to pay back but these rates are too
  10. Hi yes know what you mean at the JC I use some of the staff are nice it depends on who you talk to what advice you get it can differ from advisor to advisor one will tell you something and another something else Oh well heres hoping we all find fantastic jobs in the new year!
  11. Hi all just thought I would post this to show how pathetic the job centre is I am a lone parent I get some JSA as I have a p/t job of 5 hours a week I cant sign on this week as its Bank Holiday and the JC is shut on signing day the Job Centre is 10 miles away I telephoned them to see what to do and was told that I would get my money automatically fair enough then the worker told me cos I work p/t they do not advance the money automatically ! I explained I am a lone parent and really on getting this pathetic amount she then went off came back and said reluctantly ok we will do it this
  12. Thanks for replys guys and apologies for my late answer I have a review of my agreement this week so I will put this to my advisor then all I have to do is find a job (fingers crossed)! regards mags:)
  13. :-)I am a lone parent witha child under 16 I am signing on When I first claimed and filled in the forms with the so called advisor, I asked if I had to work a certain amount of hours a week(I previously was working for 16) she said yes and put down that I could work 37 hours per week though it would be very difficult for me to do that with a child I already work 5 hours a week and I dont want to quit this job so I really only want to find max of 12 hours more andwork max of 16 hrs a week not cos Im lazy but My child is 12 and there is no way I want him to be on his own and what about the
  14. :)thanks for your reply Andy sorry so long acknowledging Spoke to tax credits after about a week of trying to get thru on tel and its fine as long as the work is paid but unfortunatly one of the jobs I was offered fell thru and Im unemployed again and back to the nightmare that is the job centre :-| mags
  15. :)Hi I have had lots of good advice from this board in the past and wonder if anyone can help now.i have been unemployed for a month now I have managed to get a couple of jobs and and I am over the moon but they only add up to 15 hrs a week I need to work 16 to qualify for the tax credits etc. A family member has asked me to do an hours cleaning for which they will pay me which is great as it will bring me up to the 16 I have had a look on tax credits site but not sure Any advice gratefully recieved thanks in advance Mags:)
  16. Hi Erica and thanks for all your advice! just to bring it up to date, I went and made a claim for JSA today it went ok though took forever! and because I was forced to leave my job cos of heavy lifting(which was not in my contract and I was unable to do) thankfully I will get my job seekers ok with no penalties,which was a relief! best regards Mags(and Jerry)
  17. :-)Hi ' Thanks for your reply Erica Just hope I can find something in next few weeks as I really really dont want to go back on benefits. ! cheers mags
  18. Thanks Jack,hope so will check it out I read somewhere that I get a run on of tax credit for 4 weeks tho it will affect my JSA I need to ring tax credits! sort it out Kind Regards Mags:)
  19. Hi Erica, Many thanks for your reply.Im Mags Jerrys sister, my son is 12 so I cant get Income support but think I can get JSA but not sure as I resigned from my job hopefully I can I will call tax credits and job centre tomorrow. Thanks for your advice
  20. :)Hi my sister came off benefits a month ago and started work of 16 hrs a week she was very happy she got all her working tax sorted out etc.Unfortunatly the job did not work out as she hoped she was asked to do more and more (it was a factory job) and also heavy lifting(not explained at the time she was interviewed ) she finds out 2 people used to do the job and the employer now wanted just 1.It was all too much she was exhausted and under pressure from the employer and she resigned and is very upset as she loves not being on benefit. and providing for her child herself she is a hard worker b
  21. Hi Andy, Yes I will do that and see what happens cheers have a good day Jerry
  22. Hi all, After messing around with my catalogue debt from Great Universal for a while not paying etc making offers they refused it dragged on etc but now Im working I decided to start paying off my debt I need to clear my debts so I can buy a house in the future . I duly rang shop direct to make a reasonable offer each month. and guess what they completley refused to deal with me as I was not prepared to give them my tel no!! I rang again and spoke to another monkey and said I didnt have a tel but they still point blank refused to even discuss a repayment plan with me I am happy to pay the
  23. :)Hi thanks for replys Got letter out! lol I am keeping them all will ask for my cca regards Jerry.
  24. Hi all on this lovely sunny evening. Hoping for some advice.! I sent the tort of tresspass letters and also a pro rata offer to wretched Barclaycard /Mercers/powertoconnect over 2 weeks ago.Have not recieved a reply at all but yesterday I actualy got a letter from Mercers(in a lovely blue envolope) stating they will call on 23 April,I have filed it(in the bin) today I recieved a snotty reply from Barclaycard ( a Mr Chris Garner ) stating that they had every right to conntact me via their 'agents' and would continue to contact me until a suitable arrangement has been made to repay,no men
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