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  1. Hi Kazandy, I'm at the stage where i've handed in my allocation questionnaire and am awaiting a court date. - Do you know from your own claim how long it is between handing in the questionnaire and actually getting to sit down in court. - Did Cap1 agree to full interest refund or argue about the purchase rate of interest - Did you actually reach court or did they settle prior to the hearing, and if so, how many days before the hearing? Many thanks, helps me know what to expect in the coming weeks.
  2. It wasn't the branch, the staff member works in the same building as AQU who deal with the claims. I hope YB have to pay me out, get fined by the FOS/OFT and get the stay removed but somehow, i see the FOS clouding over the issue and putting my claim on hold with everyone elses. I'll keep you posted. You may be waiting a while though..
  3. YB received my hardship letter between xmas and new year 2007 going into 2008. I feel they've strategically done the dirty deeds on the 2nd and 7th, then mirraculously received my letter of hardship on the 9th. Think they'll play dumb to escape what they've done. My letter was handed in by a staff member and friend that i don't want involving so i've no proof to say when my letter was received. Bit of a poor situation to be in!
  4. exactly, so being in hardship at the time, rather than being what you mentioned in an earlier post: "1. The firm will be sympathetic and positive when considering any financial difficulties claimed by the complainant. Firms will not subject a complainant to harassment or undue pressure when discussing their problems." by trying to remove my overdraft YB tried to recover any money they owed to them asap. And by removing the facility to pay anybody else by standing order and direct debit, it meant it was difficult except for by making debit card payments to pay anyone else, hence
  5. Hi yourbank, They've just got all the relevant correspondance between me and the bank. My issue wasn't so much the 25%payout, although it was a bitter pill to swallow. It was more the fact they removed my overdraft and direct debit/standing order facilities within a week of getting my hardship claim. I get that the process is 8 to 12 weeks, i just think its poor that yb take 6 weeks to respond to a letter from FOS and unless FOS have done something on the quiet, they seem to let them get away with it.
  6. Hi Datxman, After 1 month of hearing nothing from FOS i rang them. They said they were waiting for a response to the letter they sent to yb over a month ago. I was disgusted that they'd allow so long for a response. Two days ago i rang them, (8weeks from when they first wrote to YB) and they said yb responded a week or two ago and now they were waiting to assign my complaint to an assessor. They'd appoint one within the next 14days. Is it me or have not only YB failed me but also the FOS, the people who should be looking after consumers? Thought the terms of the stay indicated that
  7. Hi Smudge, pm me your email address and i'll scan and send you a copy of my n1 and couple of other bits tomorrow. I'll be at work alone so i'll have time to burn.
  8. I filed my N1 in court and they offered a full refund except for the 26% interest. Off their own back they eventually refunded my outstanding balance but pratted about adding charges for allsorts of unknown things then issued the refund, they want to claim that they've refunded an extra £200 that they havent. They entered a pretty pathetic defence and i filed my allocation questionnaire yesterday, so hopefully a court date will come soon. Ellie keeps sending me letters confirming they've settled in full and are glad that the matter is resolved and i just today sent her one back telling her i'l
  9. Hi D1cky, how are you getting on?
  10. Hi Smudge, How are you getting on?
  11. Hi Smudge. I'm getting interest at 8%, it's over £100. I wanted it at 26% too. I'm only making a fuss because it's a matter of principles to be honest. The more they lie and cheat the more i'm determined to claim back. They never mentioned the markers being removed but i made a point about it in my response
  12. Hi D1cky I filed in court, within a week they advised they were defending the claim and within three or four days sent me an offer for full refund of charges, court costs and interest at 8%. They played games about the 26% interest though saying they had only ever charged me £37 in interest on product purchase rates and that was the level of interest they charged for default charges I'm arguing that this pushed cash withdrawals to the back of the queue and that i'm paying interest that shouldn't be due on those transactions. Get a claim made in court and Cap1 really do begin to comply. Ha
  13. Hi Smudge, Been on holiday so sorry for the slight delay. Cap1 defended the claim and within a week offered a refund of all charges, 8% interest & court costs. They said they'd only refund £37 of contractual interest as of the unlawful charges they add to my account, they charge interest on default fee's at the product purchase rate, so this interest is paid of first. Think they're taking the mick because they know this pushes cash transactions etc to the back of the queue and a customer will be paying a higher rate on these. They also said they were instructing the court they'd pai
  14. You just have to think what £500 will buy you and what you can get with the whole £1000 when they settle properly. Does your £1000 include the interest at 26% My claim doubled when i added the interest. Cap1 are going to be paying for me a holiday to Cyprus at the end of the year when my claim goes through. I say they're paying, it's my money they've got. I'm on a holiday from sunday onwards but hopefully i'll have some news on my return. I'll keep you informed.
  15. Hi Smudge, I filed my court claim. They have til 17th to defend / accept etc. It's deemed served as of today. Issue a final LBA and they'll probably say we aren't upping our offer, or they'll go halves with you, then go to court. Or wait 14days and i'll let you know how they react to mine and go from there. I've told them my account is in dispute and won't be paying any more money until they settle in court. They owe me more than is outstanding on my current balance.
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