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  1. A family member checks my place on occasion and sent me the important letters. I always intended paying this off but I couldn't keep up the minimum payments. Is it worth me ringing Bank Of Scotland credit card and offering a monthly payment? Could only afford 100 pounds per month. Would they/could they then cancel the court action/bailiffs? Or do as you suggest and get it set aside. What would the results of that be? BOS don't know I am in NZ. My bank and local council and tax man know I am here although I have changed addresses a few times as lucky enough to have had 3 locum j
  2. Hi, I am living and working in New Zealand for a couple of years, own a property in Uk which is unoccupied but furnished so council tax etc has to be paid. I have been forwarded a county court judgement 3/8/11 from Bank of Scotland credit card which I couldn't keep up the minimum payments from here.Then a attachment of earnings order dated 31/10/11 which states you can go to prison for 14 days if not returned. Next on 18/11/11 a service by the bailiff letter with an attachment of earnings application letter in it and threats of prison. I am not sure how to handle this. I will return to U
  3. I will ring the CC company should I tell them I am living abroad, that would explain my "ignoring" their letters. I could probably manage 100 puonds per month but that's not much for a 10,000 debt. Sorry no pound sign on my laptop. Anyway thanks for your analysis and advice
  4. Thanks for the info. If I communicated with Bank of Scotland would it be best in a letter from abroad or by telephone. I wonder how much they would accept. OR I could fill in an expenditure form for the court but there isn't much left over after my UK bills and bills from here are paid. The court wouldn't insist I sell my property would they?.virtually impossible from here. Would the court have to know I have a property in UK, it's not worth much but paid for hence I still have to pay council tax and water charges as it's furnished I was only going to be away for 2 years. May go to OZ to make
  5. Seems the letter from Northampton County Court states" Notice Of transfer of proceedings to my local county court for enforcement". Only my UK current account bank and council know I am abroad. didn't think to tell CC companies as do all my banking on line. I am only here under 2 years more. Was making payments but lapsed as lower salary, rent to pay etc. I do own my home in Uk. The Bnak Of Scotland weren't informed I was moving abroad. Should get in touch with my local county court, although i haven't got any details as yet, could I arrange to pay them. I don't have much spare, would they
  6. Thanks for quick response. i will be coming back to Uk in less than 2 years and would like to have my debts paid off. What happens to the debt if the bailiffs can't get in? I can't imagine they give up on the debt?
  7. I am living and working in Southern hemisphere, a friend opens my mail rarely and only the latest mail, he says there is a BOS court letter saying it has been passed to my local court for enforcement from Northampton. I have a 10,000 debt as I couldn't afford the repayments. I paid off AM EX debt whilst I have been living here and thought I may eventually get around to paying off BOS. My friend has now gone away and will only be able to get my earlier mail with the Northampton court info in it end of November. I am paying rent whilst I am living here and don't have much spare money as I am
  8. Hi all, the creditor name on the SD is Amex services Europe ltd. I am ignoring it as I have now made an arrangement with newmans via email. Their original request was too much but I am now in a fortunate position of earning more money in my time off. I have made an offer which they have accepted and will be reviewed in 3 months. Whatever they want it will take 11 months to pay off, so they have to take it or leave it, didn't say that to them though. As has been said Amex want their money. I do feel morally obliged to pay, Catholic upbringing Lol. They are definately working with and for AMEX.
  9. Thanks Fugitive, I toally agree with you about Amex. That's why I want this debt paid and all my others, but the other creditors are being reasonable. Egg gave me a reduced interest loan to pay off my Egg card but that was before the credit crunch when I had already started my own credit crunch. LOL. Crapstone, thanks for your info. SD was sent and signed for by my postie. Don't ask, It's an arrangement we have. The court stated was my home city court. I got an email from Newmans the 2nd DCA today, who were asking for the correct amount with no file fee. I offered £500 per month, their of
  10. I have printed the CCA letter, should I snd it to RMA and Westminsters solicitors. I don't understand how Westminsters via RMA send the SD then another company Newmans DCA send a letter 6 days later saying because the first DCA was unsuccessful the debt has been passed to them. If I started to pay off the debt by installments to Newmans could the SD be applied. It sounds crazy to me. I believe they were all working on behalf of Am Ex but the problem arose because RMA added huge file fees on the original debt. At the time I didn't know the rules just felt it unfair and RMA were obnoxious. Is it
  11. basically Am Ex just put a note on my credit card statement in November. I don't recall a default notice being sent separetly. They didn't say who it was assignerd to, just passed to 'collections' On the SD, American Expresss Services Europe Ltd. The named contact is Tony Sutton at Westminsters LLP. The letter that accompanied it was signed by Tim Steer, litigation supervisor. They are claiming I owe £7841.51 which is the Am Ex £6600 plus and £1200 plus file fee for RMI. Other CAGs have said they are not entilted to a file fee. The Newman of £6932 is the same as shows on my internet bank
  12. I got the card in 2006. The last statement I got from AM EX was November 08, when they said the debt had been passed on. Is this a notice of assignment? I did get a letter from RMA in November whilst I was abroad and receiving voicemails from them not having a clue who they were. They have been adding interest I think as the debt is now £6900 as opposed to £6400 in November. I have probably had late payment/over limit charges of £12 each previously. The amount the second DCA has asked for is the same amount as on my AM EX digital banking site which I can log onto but not make payments. I made
  13. Thanks for the replies. The SD was issued on 12th March, so I don't have much time. I don't think I can set this aside. Westminsters LLP is a PO box address. What puzzles me is the next letter from another collection agent Newman who say the debt has been passed to them but it has no referral fee so would be less to pay off. How bad would it be to ignore the Statutory demand? I would have complied to the SD if I hadn't got the second DCA letter dated 18th March. I can't pay off the full amount owing but can pay by installments soon.
  14. I owe Am Ex credit card £6500. On my November statement it says in small print 'Account cancelled and with collection dept.' At same time I got calls to my mobile from RMA whilst working away. A letter was waiting when I returned. Turns out they are asking for £7841. I rang Am Ex who say they can have nothing more to do with my account and I can't pay them directly from my bank account. RMA left very rude ignorant voicemails which I ignored. I have recieved a Statutory Demand from Westminsters LLP who I believe are asociated with RMA. I know I should reply to this but are they entit
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