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  1. Sent SAR so will hopefully see when last payment was, not really understanding the statements Lowell sent, as not seen statements up to NOV 2009 only what was sent which was up to FEB 2008. Letter dated 8 June 2015 states ( Please be advised that the outstanding balance shown on these statements does not match that of the outstanding balance) which we understand, but where it states ( This is due to the fact that they are only up until 7 Feb 2008 Nov 2009) confused as the statements are from Dec 2007 to Feb 2008 not sure where they get the 2009 from. Is there a letter I can send to
  2. Does this mean Lowell can still pursue this debt even though it's not defaulted?
  3. Been sniffing around on Checkmyfile attached, not sure if this will have any effect but letter dated 8 June 2015 states ( current state of account - defaulted), but on the checkmyfile it clearly states Not defaulted. Still going to SAR Capital One, but was hoping if anyone could shed some light on this. Thanx
  4. One last thing... do I send the SAR to the original creditor (Capital One) or Lowell? Thanx:-D
  5. OK I will get on to this ASAP and see what we can dig up, In the meantime thank you for all your help and I will repost the information as soon as I get it.
  6. Will have a look at noddle and see what that comes up with. As regards to SAR, could you please explain this as I have no idea what this is How do I do a SAR request?
  7. I have nothing on this account only what Lowell have sent, I could have been paying capital one in 2009, but don't have any statements to back this up. Would Lowell have more statements? would they have enough to go on to take this further. They only provided the three attached statements which do not seem to be original copies.
  8. Only statements we have are the ones Lowell sent us which are attached , but don't give much information. I have no other statements other than those. Stop paying around the end of 2008 due to not being able to afford repayments, not heard anything from anyone in the last 5 years till Lowell was assigned the debt in July 2014. Thanx
  9. Hi, I sent LOWELL a request for a CCA for an old debt, original account Capital one. back on 7 January 2015 giving them 12+2 days to respond. Received a letter dated 12 January 2015 stating (we are in receipt of your request for a copy of your credit agreement. .. we will advise you further if it will take longer than the prescribed period.). Received a letter dated 22 January 2015 stating ( We have been in touch with Capital One about the copy of your agreement, they have let us know they are trying to retrieve the agreement from their archive) .Receive
  10. Just been looking through my statements and I may of missed Octobers payment, so will be checking bank tomorrow and if so I will update the payment and hopefully this will keep them off my back lol
  11. Thanks for your quick response, do I need to respond to there letter or just ignore them? as the letter states 'Should you fail to this letter, or bring the terms of the County Court judgement up to date by 13/01/2014, further action may be taken'.
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