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  1. You can write to their head office, 12 Drumsheugh Gardens Edinburgh (cant remember their postcode) You will be asked to pay the minimum charge for all the details, the only charges imposed by the sheriff officers are that carried out in a form of arrestment or attachment. As this is a local athority debt Scott & Co cannot add on intrest or anything like that. Pay paying by DD they will not increase your DD without notice, remember you are covered by the direct debit guarentee...
  2. If the arrestment is served on your work with your partners name, it is the responsibility of your employment to return the order back to Scott & Co stating that the employee cannot be found within their organisation. As for the liability, if its only your gf on the summery warrent then they should not have any interest in you....but that will be predetermined by the council. As for employers having to give details regarding the next employer, then make sure you DO NOT give your current work any details, then they cannot serve the arrestment....
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