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  1. I made a cca request to Kays catalogue some months back now, they sent me a fixed sum loan agreement which had 4 items listed on it, all of which are paid for. However I still have a balance and have received default notices for fixed sum loan agreements and the running account. Should Kays be able to provide additional credit agreements for the running account and any additional purchases made through a fixed term loan agreement or would the fixed sum loan agreement they sent cover their obligation to provide a cca. Please can someone help me Thanks!
  2. Firstly sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. Any help/ advice or suggestions would be really appreciated. We have a 58 Mazda 5 through motability which suddenly burst into flames while sitting on our drive, firecrew have said the fire was caused by an electrical fault, the car is presently being repaired through the insurance which is part of my motability, excess has been waived due to it being an electrical fault. Which apart from having serious fears about having any car on my drive again is all well and good. However surely a 2 year old fully serviced car with just less t
  3. That is fantastic news!! Seems like all the complaints to consumer direct, have finally drawn the OFT's attention.
  4. My first offer from money4gold was £66.01, they then offered to double it, which I still refused, finally having it returned, I sent the same gold off to another reputable company and received over £220 even though the daily price had dropped since sending it to Money4Gold originally.
  5. Hi Ken Sorry had to laugh @ money4gold saying your gold was being cleaned, that is definitely a new excuse! Really pleased though you have received a cheque your happy with! I had to fight tooth and nail to have my gold returned from m4g, Daily phone calls, I contacted trading standards, threatened legal action and finally sent off a complaint to BBB which seemed to do the trick. I'll post a couple of links just in case anyone else is having problems with M4G and these may be of some use. Better Business Bureau serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Count
  6. Thanks for the update middenmess. Will keep checking back and fingers crossed you get a satisfactory conclusion soon!
  7. Hi I was just wondering if their were any updates on this middenmess, their are a few people also having a battle with Money4Gold, although different as in firstly if you are unhappy with the payout, they promptly offer double. The main concern though is we can't seem to get our gold returned at all, their terms and conditions say your Gold will be returned in 15 days, 40 days later the gold still has not be returned, Consumer Direct and trading standards have been informed. So it would be interesting to hear how things are going?
  8. Thanks God mother I did think Littlewoods was. Kays confused me because its for extended terms and wasn't sure if this would be used as a enforceable agreement on all my purchase previous and since I signed this one to cover the extended terms. Since i signed this in 2006 and it was for 100 weeks I would presume their paid for but would have to double check my statements to be sure. Thanks again for your help, it makes such a difference.
  9. Thank you for your help Godmother Sorry its the first two which are Littlewoods. Taking a guess I think these are enforceable? But I'm not sure. The second two are for Kays which are for itemised purchases Their is a another sheet which has the purchases listed and both say on the top extended terms promotion. So i am wondering if this is questionable as its not for the whole account? Would really apreciate any help!
  10. Is their anyone around who can give me a bit of advise on this please?
  11. In all honesty I haven't got a clue, if these are enforceable. The CCA they have sent are for individual purchases during the time I have had the accounts. The kays account was opened in 2001 the CCA they have provided are for individual purchases made in 2006 and 2007 both of these are paid. Still owe money to them though for other purchases. Littlewoods CCA from what I have read on other threads seems to be ok but I would really apreciate someone checking for me as i'm out of my debth.
  12. Ok here goes, Hope I have done these right, if I haven't please tell me where I've gone wrong. These are the ? credit agreements Littlewoods & Kays have sent Thanks
  13. Thanks for your reply mkb:) My thoughts exactly! Least they haven't phoned today... YET:lol: Ok will get them scanned as soon as possible, me and the scanner are not friends so will have to wait for hubby to come home from work. Thanks again mkb
  14. In answer to my above question:) I have this morning a reply from Littlewoods and Kays both in reply to my CCA request. Kays I opened the account apparently 28/12/2001, they have sent me a copy of a credit agreement for extended terms promotion dated July 24th 2006, signed by myself and another sheet for a fixed sum loan agreement, states the items I bought signed and dated 27/12/07. Littlewoods have sent a letter the account was opened 11/02/2005 and two copies of what says is a credit agreement dated and signed 26/11/05. The ? credit agreement? for littlewoods states rates of interest
  15. A quick update and Help! please I have sent CCA's on the 3rd October to all 3 of the catalogues, according to Royal mail online track and trace, the letters are still being progressed through their system, tried to phone Royal mail but can't seem to get to speak to a human:mad: Did email them but still waiting for a reply! Littlewoods have phoned once but I refused to confirm my details, so they are putting a letter in the post. Very have been phoning up to 10 times a day, most of the time I don't answer, when I do I refuse to confirm the details and have told them numerous times to put
  16. Hi dizzyblonde. That is a bit weird especially as Littlewoods refused a order because my payment is 10 days late with Very so they obviously consider all the accounts together, from what I have been reading they seem to pick and choose what they do when it suits. As you say tho they have no cca so they can not enforce:D hope mine is the same but knowing my luck:eek:. Time will tell. Hope they give up soon for you.
  17. Hi minmac Thanks for your reply. I don't ever remember signing for commission either, however that does not mean I haven't but I suppose time will tell. Sorry to hear you've 6 accounts, dunno how you deal with it, I'm stressed with 3. I am very weary of the consequences of going through this, especially dca and don't want to knack my credit file up but on the other hand I am sick of being intimidated by these companies.
  18. Thanks for the reply mkb. Will certainly shout if I get stuck. Will be back tomorrow hopefully with a clearer head. Thanks again.
  19. Hi everyone I've been sitting reading through loads of thread, given myself a headache so please excuse me if I've posted this in the wrong place, but could someone help me please? I have 3 accounts under the shop direct umbrella, Littlewoods Kays and Very, I'm behind in payments with one and have payments sitting in my bank account which i have not paid yet which will be due in a couple of days. I can not remember ever signing a credit agreement when i opened any of these accounts years ago and i can't remember exactly when it was, in case it makes a difference. Anyway Littlewoods
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