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  1. attatchments enclosed with the seizure notices, nothing is signed by any balif of theirs Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. the vat is charged on the bailiffs visit not the debt, thank you for your advice am uploading scans in a mo
  3. thank you, also forgot to say, we have moved house from where the originall "notice of Seizure of Goods" document is addressed to a different house in a communal block of flats, where does the law stand on this is this document still valid for seizure? also what about entry into the flat if he gets access to the communal areas does this count as entry~?
  4. Hello, My partner and I have been having dealings over unpaid council tax from 2 addresses (One from my partners ex buisiness that went bust) and one joint account from when we both got made redundant last year. the debts origionally ammounted to £3064, we have spent a long time arguing with Taunton council about the taunton account (As in origionally 1 person living in the property then 2, 6 months with 25% off for single person, then a further 7 months that we were charged for 12 months as we moved out but were charged for the full year. The fees Ross and Roberts have added ammou
  5. he found out i knew and realised i had full rights, instead he has given me a letter inviting me to an investagation meeting tonight, this meeting coyuldlead todisciplinary..... however i feel i can successfully appeal this as if it is gross misconduct why have i not been suspended and the incident occured on the 6th of july
  6. really wish it hadnot come to this, but i can see them trying to get away with it.
  7. so if i am dismissed appeal then go for an et or just go straight for a tribunal as i believe i have no chance of keeping my job.
  8. thanks for the advice, i know its coming tonight, when he serves it do i immediatley appeal or do i leave it for a day?
  9. hello I have worked for a bar since march 2008,starting off as part time then going full time, i have found out tonight i am going to be dismissed, the incident involved myself and an underage drinker he went to attack me and i defended myself, but according tothe manager from cctv he believes i was the aggressor. this incident occured last tuesday night, i then worked weds fri and saturday night and asked on three seperate occasions if i was in trouble over the incident, eachtime he replied "no not at all",i decided to write an incident report at home and gave it in the next day ev
  10. hello My partner was employed last may as the Deputy manager of a bar/nightclub, she then transferd to another bar as acting general manager, as the current manager was leaving on maternity leave. when she was offerd the job accomodation was included as was a pay rise, in the past six months the buisiness has been on the up and up beating like for like pretty much every week, bringing in new promotions and building the business up. She then decided to move house with me and her employer said instead of paying the rent they would pay her the equivilant into her wage, this in effect after inco
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