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  1. Yes I think I'm finally getting off these "lists" however it's the company saying that I've got a loan out and I signed for it online is more worrying!
  2. Hi, Recieved a call today at work and left us a little confused. Recently we've been getting a lot of calls for different name both to my mobile and home number. I spoke to one company and there were 15 different applications in my name but different dates of birth (right month right year - wrong day) I checked our credit file and there was nothing on there as of 2 weeks ago. Today spoke to a guy from poundstillpayday.co.uk (got a email in the end) He stated that there was a loan in my name that hadn't been paid, I said I knew nothing about this he said well it's been paid
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. I think I'll just hide till the council contact them on tuesday.... Not good but end result is the same. Guess just ave to hope about the wifes car.
  4. Thanks for your help. Relaxing a little now! Yes the council tax is only in my name for some reason. Don't know why really but suppose could help here in some way ~?
  5. Yes it's a mobility car in my name. The car on the drive way is my wife's I suppose thats the same thing but she's not listed on any of the letters or liability order for some reason.
  6. There is a car on my driveway, but it is not mine. Mine is parked ont the road. Would be interesting see him take mine as it's the goverments not mine.
  7. No they have never been inside my house, the only time I saw them was a while back now when I saw a lady that was parked outside my house in her van when I got home. She gave me a letter and drove off. Today's visit I wasn't at home thankfully!!!
  8. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply. I suppose thats kinda important isn't it Ooops It says REMOVAL NOTICE As you have failed to contact our removal bailiff your case has now been passed to our removal enforcement department. the sum of is now required. You must contact the number below immediatly to avoid futher actions. Full payment by card can be made over the telephone 24 hours a day on 08454524848 THE BAILIFF HAS THE RIGHT TO PEACEABLY ENTER YOUR PREMISES AND REMOVE GOODS - EVEN IN YOUR ABSENSE
  9. Hi I have an account with Ross and Roberts of Somerton, SOmerset. I'm hopinhg I can answer my questions with anice big yes here lol... But hey I'm not that straight minded hence one of the reasons I'm asking them to consider me for this reason. I got my first visit some time ago now. But I spoke to the council and they agreed that I would be considered Vunerable and so had the account returned to them and a payment plan put in place. This payment plan has been kept to however this morning I got another letter from Ross and Roberts. I called them straight away and advi
  10. No my car does have it's road tax paid for but her car doesn't have it's tax paid for e have o pay that. I'll get on the phone to the counciller tomorrow morning first thing and see what they can come up with. Many thanks for your help.
  11. Thinking about that, I am classed as disabled but that is in the physical sense not the mental sense If thats clear ? I recieve disability living allowance and mobility.
  12. Would guess the cars probably worth £1,000 ish... There are no Loans or HP linked to the Car. The Car was brought for the Wife, but it's actually in my name, Just cause I filled out the paper work without thinking when it was brought.
  13. Thanks for your reply. They have been to the house but the have NOT been in the house. Although I have been handed form titled "NOTICE OF SEZIURE OF GOOD AND INVENTORY" On this form are the details of my wife's Car. However I did NOT sign the form and it was handed to me on the public road not in my house or even on my property. I arrived home and the balif was in her Van. As far as I'm aware she hadn't even got out of the Van. They've listed charges as follows. First Visit : £24.50 Second Visit : £18.00 Levy Charge : £43.00 Walking Possession Fee : £12.00 Administratio
  14. Hello, I have been ill over the past few years, under the support of many doctors including the local mental health team. My illness was not just phyical but mental too and took some years to get to the point I am at now. The medication for depression, panic attacks and other things had many side effects many confussion and lack of understanding of the "real world" This lead me to not really understand money or life in general and things got into a right state. My partner is working full time but at minimum wage, I recieve incapacity benefit as my health in improving but not to the
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