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  1. I updated the Finance Company Thursday last week - not heard anything back yet
  2. That's what the correspondance from the finance company states in a letter to us "With a view to clarifying matters, we telephone the supplying dealers, X, who confirmed that the vehicle had been extensively tested throughout the whole day on Wednesday 18th..." As I say though, I waited nearly 2 hours for the car to be seen for 15 minutes. I have informed them of this
  3. Hey, We brought it back to the dealer who spent 15 minutes with the car and added a little bit of lubrication to the belt and stated that they could find no faults. They have then told the finance company that they extensively examined the car throughout the whole day... I'm at wits end with it really and so asked another independant to take a look. They have identified the same engine noise that I have been complaining of but cannot investigate further without doing an internal investigation. They think it may be a noisy tappet but also identified problems with the injectors, timing belt and an oil leak around the crankshaft pulley. Also the air con system has a leak and the rear shocks are noisy... It just makes me wonder how they can identify these problems when the dealer can't and the finance company are trying to remain independant without offerring any extra assistance
  4. Update 13/01 Well - we brought the car to the garage today and done the 80 mile round trip. When we got the the garage they took it for a test drive with us and heard some engine noise that they thought may be due to bad design of the engine cover causing it to vibrate. Then the mechanic made mention that he thinks a spring has gone at the back too We've been told to bring it back next week on the 17th early hours so that they can look at it again while-we-wait
  5. Thanks for that We did reject the car in writing and have not made any payments as the rejection was made after 2 weeks. The car has not been used and we have invited them to collect the car. The finance company have not responded in writing but called asking for the car to go to the garage - so we have arranged to do that on Friday We have not even paid the first payment as we did not want to accept the car - is this correct? The finance company have issued a notice about non-payment etc which appears to be a standard 'default' letter. We have since contacted them back and its been passed to their legal department - we've not heard back from them yet - its been 2 weeks
  6. No worries. As per your signature it's always worth people getting professional clarification. These forums and advice given in them gives people a general direction to be looking in and that's exactly what I have taken from the posts in this thread. The garage have agreed to check the car over on the 13/01 so I guess I'll know their stance come then
  7. I can confirm that I have not been given 'false hope' and that the advice given was my thoughts on this too. Thankyou for everybody's input, particular Sam Thanks for everybody's advice
  8. Thankyou for your continued assistance on this matter, Sam. Where would I stand if he refuses to replace the cam belt? Do we have any backing due to being told the car would be quieter?
  9. Not as of yet, no. We assume that from the receipts that we have that only the auxillary belt was changed last year but no other belts including the alternator belt and cam belt
  10. Hi Sam, Thankyou for your reply It has service history in the form of receipts as opposed to a service log/book. It has done 87,000 so not particularly high for its age The dealer pointed out that it requires a new alternator belt and suggested that it has a new cam belt as that was due to have been replaced at least 60k
  11. Hi, My partner purchased a 05 Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI for £4295 from a garage (not dealer) in November 2011. When she purchased it she noticed that it was a little noisy but was informed by the salesperson that as it was a diesel it would get quieter. She purchased the vehicle by part-exchanging a 03 Ford Ka £1500 p/ex and the rest on finance (HP agreement). She has since rejected the car to the finance company (within 2 weeks) on the grounds that it was not as described but they state that the car must be faulty to be rejected and that the garage should be given opportunity to repair it. The concern is that the garage will claim that the noise is a feature of the vehicle and that there is nothing wrong with it. The garage is 40 miles away so we would also be without a car whilst it is booked in. In the meantime we decided to get a dealer to look at the car for an independant opinion. The dealer used to work for the garage that we purchased the car from so I am a little concerned about how independant they are but we have now paid out for a vehicle inspection and they don't come cheap. He did, however, note that it requires a new alternator belt and possibly new cam belt. Our local garage also seems to think that the vehicle, whilst noisy, is the way 05 CDTI Astras are. Having read further on the internet many seem to pick up on this too. We are now in a position where we a stuck with a vehicle that my partner does not want (at the expense of me having to sacrifice my BMW for her use) and we want to know where we stand. The first payment to the finance company has not yet been paid and I have been informed that this may be in our favour? Is this correct? What should we do next? What should our considerations be? Any help will be greatfully appreciated!
  12. Well we attended the store yesterday where the store told us that they think that it was half their fault, half ours. They said that they are prepared to meet us halfway on materials to do the rest of the room based on that. However, they state that they can't do anything about the fitters fee (who have already been paid £40 for laying just the kitchen - which was meant to be for the whole room including the kitchen) which is £99 and an additional fee for the glue to stick the vinyl down (which we already paid for originally). They got back to us this morning to state that they cannot do anything about this fee. Obviously with 1/3 of the room done in one type of vinyl,that we realise we cannot afford to fit the rest of the room in due to our budget, we have to look at removing it to replace it with cheaper stuff. I'm not asking for miracles, as much as I see that this is partially our fault too in not being clear about the sizes. Also they convinced my girlfriend that 4m squared was the same as 4 metres by 4 metres (16 squared metres) thus she thought the receipt she had was for the whole room. However, it would not be and was only for the 2x2 that they delivered.
  13. Hey all, Just wanted some advice having today prepared my open-plan living room/kitchen for the Fitters to come fit my brand new vinyl at £24.99 a square metre from Carpet Right. I was given a quote 2 weeks ago having provided my own measurements for the space needing covering. I bet you can guess where this led to... The measurements I gave in store were calculated in the salespersons magic calculator and gave a price - that was accepted a few days later having got permission from our landlord. The fitters arrived today with a nice roll of vinyl.. that was only large enough for the kitchen space! (4m squared!) I now have lovely vinyl in the kitchen and no vinyl in the living area with all my furniture still outside in my garden. Having made numerous phonecalls I am visiting the Carpet Right store today to speak to the salesperson to attempt to remedy this situation. Having also looked at the measurements I gave him it looks as though he has taken these as Centimetres as opposed to inches (so my 180 inch width of room is only 180 cm to him and a narrow part in my doorway is only apparently 30cm instead of 30 inches wide!). The salesperson knew that I was ordering for the living room and a kitchen and would surely know that 4m squared of this lovely expensive vinyl was only going to cover enough room for a sofa to be placed on... It was my girlfriend who paid for the vinyl having gone back in to accept their quoted price. What I was wondering was did I have any leg to stand on in this sort of scenario or is it going to be my word against their's despite having the measurements they have written on too? Has anybody else been in a similar situation? And lastly, should I fail, anybody got enough carpet/vinyl for a small living space (180 inches x 150 inches)? Many thanks in advance, Ringo
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