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  1. Dangerous goods? I think you may be sailing very close to the wind old chap. You have faulty goods from your description. Posting on a public forum that a seller, who you have gone to lengths to identify in this thread, is selling dangerous goods may well land you in court on libel charges. I too am frankly amazed at your reaction and comments to other members who were clearly offering you sound advice.
  2. DO NOT enter into any dialogue whatsoever. There is no loss and thus no TORT and thus no case to answer. Under no circumstances whatsoever should you or your partner respond in any way at all.
  3. If you apply for a V5 using form V62, DVLA will write to the previous regeistered keeper to inform them that someone has applied to register the car. This is where the previous keeper will usually either write back and say they know, because they sent in the V5c, they don't know because the car is still on tehir driveway or they may do nothing at all. If there is any dispute or discrepancy, DVLA will write to you for more information.
  4. 2 tenants 2 keys. That is one disgusting video. The reactions to it on YouTube are hillarious though. Oh hang on, I think that one involves a cup. Sorry. As there are two tenants officially, there should be two keys and they should supply both IMHO.
  5. UNREASONABLE??????? We are talking about private parking companies here. name a single one that is reasonable themselves.
  6. There is a significant difference in a car clamped or towed by a council and one clamped or towed by a private clamping company. One is a dishonest, theiving, lying, cheating, unwashed bag of scumbucket froth. The other is a private clamping firm.
  7. You are 19. I would doubt if any Uk insurance company would cover a 19 year old driving a Nissan Qashqai or any other 4x4. These type of cars would normally require a minimum age of 25 years to drive unless you are a footballer and are willing to pay £2million a year insurance.
  8. Lets just agree that all car manufacturers and all dealers are out to take your money and give you sweet freddy Armitage in return. If there is any way on God's earth they can jump ship on any responsibility whatsoever, they will. I personally wouldn't wee on a car dealer if he was on fire.
  9. Were there any kerb stripes too? If so, badge up the right or wrong way and he'll get a ticket. Otherwise, as advised appeal to their better nature. It has been done many times by blue badge holders who make a genuine mistake.
  10. Doesn't sound right at all. They should have asked you to write in and pay the standard £2.50 to obtain the name and address of the current keeper. You could then write to them for information. You cannot apply to be the keeper as you won't be the keeper (unless you buy it of course). Are DVLA actually suggesting that if I want to get your details, I can apply to be the keeper of your car and then they will tell you???? The person you spoke with, were they over 9 years old?
  11. Not quite He was made the offer via ebay as a second chance offer. We do not know why the original auction winner did not complete the sale. It could be that they went and saw what a pile of crap it was. It could be they were just a timewaster - there are planty of them, it could be that they dies. Who knows? In any event it is irrelevant. What is relevant is that just beecause the seller offers to sell and the buyer agrees to buy, does not constitute a contract. As my example above suggests, you are agreeing to buy on the basis of the description being accurate. In this case the buyer is saying that it wasn't and as such he was entitled to reject the sale.
  12. You are doing this all wrong. If you are going to use a solicitor at all, get them to get the appeal in NOW! The judge is wrong. They are not perfect and that is why the appeal system is in place. Years ago I had to go all the way up to a judicial review at the high court, but I won. Do not be afraid of the outcome. The judge is wrong. There was no contract in law. You were offered an item and you accepted the offer, but it is still subject to the item being as described. Go into Dixons, agree to buy a 37" Sony Bravia TV. Off he goes to the back and comes back with one that has a scratch on the casing. Are you obliged to buy? No. The fundamental principal here is that the item was not as described. You now need to sit down and write out exactly why it was not as described. ie, worktops scratched, damp, leaks, keys missing, bald tyres. Whatever it was that made you decide it was not as described is your reason not to purchase and thus is your defence. It would seem you went to court ill prepared and the judge has got this one wrong.
  13. No dual controls I have ever seen in 30 years are drilled into pedals. They are always clamped to the pedal arms. He-man make controls for each individual car, granted they are all based on the same idea and are either rod or cable controlled, but they take the actual car and remanufacture plates, rods, clamps etc to suit each individual car. That is to say that vauxhall Corsa duals are similar but also different to Fiat 500 duals. I had problems over a warranty with Pentagon Vauxhall in Mansfield a couple of years back when a used Corsa I just paid £5k for that came with a 6 month warranty, actually had no warranty at all as the warranty specifically excluded the likes of taxis, hiring AND driving schools! Of course, the outcome of that is that I will never buy another car from them again. Anyway, the bottom line is that the garage cannot claim the duals have caused any problems with the pedals.
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